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  • Learn From Your Pet To Love What You Do!

    Have you ever noticed that when your dog is chasing a ball or your cat is frantically trying to catch that "red dot" that they are in the moment? They love what they do! Do you love what you do in your pet blogging? Shawna Schuh… read more


  • Is Your Pet Biz A Grand Adventure?

    Shawna Schuh asks the question, "Is your pet business a grand adventure?" If not, it should be. Think about how excited your dog becomes when he hears the words "car ride!" Get back your excitement!    If you want short tips and ideas for doing better… read more


  • What Are You Putting Off?

    What can you do right NOW to get the most out of your pet business? Shawna Schuh discusses the importance of not procrastinating in this short video tip.      If you want short tips and ideas for doing better in your pet business, then Shawna… read more