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  • How to Come Back From a Blogging Hiatus With a Bang

    woman sitting in front of laptop with cat | How to Come Back From a Blogging Hiatus With a Bang

    *Updated: June 27, 2022 It’s perfectly normal to take a break from blogging every now and then. Whether you went on a much-needed vacation or life just got in the way for a couple of months, a blogging hiatus isn’t the end of the world. However,… read more


  • Blog Post Ideas for Your 2017 Editorial Calendar

    Blog Post Ideas for Your 2017 Editorial Calendar - BlogPaws.com

    As we round home on 2016, many of us are putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to plot out the 2017 editorial calendar. I tend to plan in broad strokes broken out by quarter (like, I want to dedicate posts to safe hiking with… read more


  • How To Write a Blog Post In Four Hours

    Blog photos should be relevant and always crisp and clean

    Who already knows how to write a blog post in four hours? Share your tips below, please. For many bloggers, however, the idea of how to write a blog post in four hours can seem daunting. I promise you it’s not! Blogs are much like online magazines,… read more


  • How to Use Trello as a Blogging Editorial Calendar

    Use trello as ed calendar_hero image

    Bloggers, rejoice: Trello is a free app that is available both online and with a syncs-in-real-time iOS app for your mobile device. Blogging editorial calendar processes will never be the same since I discovered Trello, thanks to our Director of Community Education, Aimee Beltran. Trello is… read more


  • Setting Goals For 2016: Editorial Calendar

    kitten on keyboard writing editorial calendar

    Post by Robbi Hess  Up until now we have reviewed last year’s successes and discussed your blog and business plan. We’ve also covered putting your 2016 blog plan into place.  To wrap up, we will cover the need for an editorial calendar, how to set one… read more


  • How To Create Great Content

    create content

    Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess It’s Monday. Yay! It’s back to work and back to blogging. That’s great, right? It’s not? Why? Are you finding it harder to create great content? You’re in luck! I have five tips to help you do just that. This… read more


  • International Pet Blogger Month! No Stress Tips Make Pet Blogging Easier

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess In case you missed the exciting announcement, BlogPaws is kicking off September with International Pet Blogger Month. We love our pet bloggers, love what they do and embrace their causes because, well, we love everything pet! As a pet blogger,… read more

  • Pet Blogging 101: 5 Steps To Get You Started And Keep You Going

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are already a pet blogger. You could be facing some of the same issues that many of the bloggers that we talk with regularly face… I don’t have much traffic; Why should I… read more

  • Where, Oh Where Can I Find Content For My Pet Blog?

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Don't you just love those days when you sit down to blog and you are so overrun with ideas that your fingers simply can't keep up? Your blog will be stuffed with pet-centric blog posts from here to eternity… read more

  • Becoming An Effective Part Time Pet Blogger

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess What a great life! Nothing on your plate other than building your pet blogging prowess, talking with all of your pet loving friends on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and the BlogPaws Community. What could be better? Knock, knock… reality calling!… read more