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  • How to Do Keyword Research for Your Next Blog Post

    orange tabby looking at laptop screen | How to Do Keyword Research for Your Next Blog Post

    *Updated: October 4, 2022 Typing words into a search box is how it starts, but how do you get from Google searches to writing content optimized to boost your search performance? The secret is keyword research!  This includes knowing what keywords to use, why to use… read more


  • How to Tag Photos in WordPress

    dog looking at pictures on laptop | How to Tag Photos in WordPress

      * Updated: September 7, 2022 Images draw a reader in. Words tell the story but pictures speak where words cannot. It’s that whole “a picture says a thousand words” mantra: It’s true. It is also true that, as a blogger, there are specific ways to… read more


  • Using Google Keyword Planner for Pet Bloggers

    tabby cat on couch in front of laptop | Using Google Keyword Planner for Pet Bloggers

    *Updated: October 5, 2022 We often are asked questions from bloggers and small pet business owners in our community about changing or expanding their niche as their business grows. While this can be done effectively, there are some key factors to consider. How can Google Keyword… read more


  • The Truth About Pet Health and #Zooeyia

    capybara blogpaws

    Dr Patrick Mahaney: Pet industry expert, veterinarian, colleague, and someone who has spoken at and attended most BlogPaws Conferences. .  Mahaney’s terrier, Cardiff, is living (and thriving) despite his diagnoses of Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia and more recently, cancer. Here’s the scoop on vitamins and supplements… read more


  • BlogPaws Announces Donation to Noahs Animal House

    noahs wish

    Since its inception, the heart of BlogPaws is for the pet bloggers, pet parents, and in giving back. Each BlogPaws Conference means education, networking, brands, fun, swag, and so much more….but it also means giving back. BlogPaws is proud to reveal that Noah’s Animal House has… read more


  • Nine Big BlogPaws Announcements


    If you are reading this on Thursday, April 3rd, there are just 36 days left until the big BlogPaws Conference on Lake Las Vegas. From May 8 through May 10, the official conference happens! Nine big BlogPaws announcements to share! There are many things that have… read more


  • How to Protect Pets In Weather Emergencies


    by: Carol Bryant Do you know what to do in the event of a weather emergency and/or natural disaster? Do you know how to protect pets? I never thought this would happen to me, and those are words many of us say to ourselves….until the time… read more


  • How Pet Bloggers Can Attract Media Attention


    by: Carol Bryant You are a pet blogger who wants to get media coverage, but where to start? Media attention is something we all crave, especially since we want to be viewed as experts in the pet space, right? Well, the best place to begin pitching… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday – Spoil Your Pet


    Wordless Wednesday is a BlogPaws Blog Hop wherein any blogger is welcome to join us and share their post, thereby allowing other bloggers to network and connect with them and vice versa. Whether you are a newbie or veteran blogger, everyone loves traffic, talking to fellow… read more

  • Nice Girls Can Finish First: Avoiding Drama

    Meeting Gayle King

    by: Carol Bryant Nice girls can finish first. I saw the title of that book at a writer’s conference I attended a few years ago, and it struck me. Something in it called to me and said, “you must purchase me.” I did, and honestly, it… read more