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  • Safe Sane Firework Safety for Pets

    by: Carol Bryant Baboom, kapow, and sizzle: Ah, these are the sounds of the season as we prepare for thunderstorms and fireworks in celebration of the warmer months. Unfortunately, for many pets, storms and celebratory explosions lighting up the skies means anxiety, fear, and often times,… read more

  • Want to Take Your Blog Product Reviews to the Next Level?

    Leveraging product peviews to build Positive relationships with brands is no easy task. Knowing how to do a professional product review amidst the pressures of regulations, compensation, and link building from both bloggers and brands are making relationship building more and more difficult. This year's BlogPaws… read more


  • BlogPaws Attends DWAA Dinner

    The annual Dog Writers Association Awards 2013 was recently held in New York City, and BlogPaws very own Carol Bryant was there (and an award nominee). Bryant joined BlogPaws keynote speaker, Steve Dale, and Dr. Patrick Mahaney. BlogPaws at DWAA Dinner… read more


  • Overcoming Blogger’s Brain: 20 Blog Topics To Write About

    Overcoming Blogger's Brain

    If writers get writer’s block, what do pet bloggers get? For me, it’s usually a Cocker staring at me, as if to say, “Back away from the blinky box and play with me!” Later with a snoring and tired dog strewn across my feet, blogger’s brain… read more

  • Winding Down from the Best Social Media Conference Ever!

    by Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws Co-Founder We heard from a lot of people at this year's BlogPaws Social Media Marketing Conference that it was the best ever! We're blushing from all the praise! Thank you to everyone who attended and who took a few minutes to stop… read more