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  • Promoting Yourself vs Promoting Sponsored Content

    How Promoting Yourself Affects Promoting Sponsored Content | BlogPaws.com

    If you spend any time online researching influencer marketing, you will find one thing that stands out: Traditional influencer marketing—once known as Celebrity Marketing–is on the decline. By traditional, I mean famous people being paid mega dollars to promo a product because they reach the largest… read more


  • 5 Innovative Ways to Earn New Followers

    5 new ways to earn followers (1)

    Do you ever feel like you’re crawling uphill to keep pace with algorithm changes? Or what was that ideal size to attract readers on Pinterest again? How about those platform changes… was it Twitter? Or Instagram? We all want to grow and earn new followers, but… read more


  • Strengthening Your Brand: Lessons Learned At BlogPaws 2013

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I work with clients on a regular basis to help them "figure out who they are" and to spread that message across their various social media platforms and in their blog posts so I was intrigued by the BogPaws… read more