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  • How to Do a Basic Blog Audit in 7 Simple Steps

    How to Do a Basic Blog Audit in 7 Simple Steps

    If you want your blog to grow, you need an actionable, goal-driven plan. Conducting an audit of your blog in a systematic way can help you evaluate where you’ve been and craft a plan for where you want to go. First, why conduct a blog audit?… read more


  • How to Create a Name That Gets Noticed: For Your Pet Blog, Your Brand, or Your Product

    7 Tips for Creating a Memorable Blog Name from BlogPaws.com

    Remember choosing a name for your furry friend? Did you think about how it would sound when spoken? Whether it fit your pet’s personality? How it would be spelled? Much like naming your pet, naming your blog (or brand or product) is a big step. It’s… read more


  • 5 Things Every Blog Post Needs: Don’t Click Publish Without Them!

    5 Things Every Blog Post Needs | BlogPaws.com

    What do you include in every single blog post? Every blog and every blogger is unique, of course. However, regardless of your blog’s topic, market, or audience, every post should have the same handful of inclusions. That doesn’t mean every post is formulaic. It does mean that… read more


  • What Does It Cost To Be A Blogger?

    Start with Wise Investments for Your Business Blog

    During this year’s conference in Phoenix, I made it my job to sit with as many newbies as I could. These are folks who were new to our conference, and even new to blogging. Not surprisingly, a frequent question asked was, “How much does it cost to… read more


  • Contests, Money-Saving Coupon Codes And A Pet Blogging Week In Review

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Twitter chats, photo contests, recently released newsletters and more.Whew! So much goes on in a week at BlogPaws and if you're not a member of the BlogPaws Community, haven't signed up for the newsletter (the sign up box is on… read more