How to Create a Name That Gets Noticed: For Your Pet Blog, Your Brand, or Your Product

Remember choosing a name for your furry friend? Did you think about how it would sound when spoken? Whether it fit your pet’s personality? How it would be spelled?

Much like naming your pet, naming your blog (or brand or product) is a big step. It’s one of the trickiest parts of brand strategy. However, with these guidelines, you can create a memorable name that gets noticed.

How to Create a Name that Gets Your Blog Noticed from

5 Steps to Creating a Memorable Blog, Brand, or Product Name

STEP 1 Define Your Naming Strategy

Before you begin developing ideas, jot down your naming strategy:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What does your brand stand for?
  • What feeling do you want your name to convey? Tone? Image?

Your naming strategy is a game plan that will help you make clear choices down the road.

STEP 2 Determine Your Naming Style

Now, think about different styles of names. I group them into three categories:

  • Descriptive: Clear over clever, these names are self-explanatory. Descriptive names do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Fanciful: Newly created words, two or more words “crashed” together, and creative phrases fall in this category. The name I chose for my blog (Happy-Go-Doodle) is an example of a fanciful name.
  • Your own name: If you have established your own name as a brand, this may be a successful strategy for you. It conveys that you’re an expert in your field and that you stand behind your work.

STEP 3 Do Your Homework

Take time to research what’s on social media and in the marketplace. Think about what makes you unique.

STEP 4 Brainstorm

Armed with your strategy, naming style, and marketplace knowledge, coming up with ideas is easy breezy. Here are a few brainstorming tips:

  • Choose a time of day when you’re not rushed.
  • Find a comfy space. (I love sitting by a window.)
  • Add a favorite snack or drink.
  • Invite your furry friend to snuggle next to you for inspiration.
  • Jot ideas on index cards. (Makes for easier sorting later on.)
  • Let the ideas flow. Don’t edit yourself.
  • Stumped? Take five. Often my best ideas come to me when walking or playing fetch with my dog, Chloe.

For more ideas on how to get the creative juices flowing, check out How to Be Creative Instantly.


Armed with your stack of names, sort them into three groups:

  • LOVE IT (Keepers!)
  • LIKE IT (Maybe with a tweak.)
  • LOSE IT (No way.)

When evaluating ideas, ask yourself:

  • Does it fit my naming strategy?
  • What feeling or image does it convey? (Important when considering your design style.)
  • Is it brief? Is it a quick read?
  • Is it memorable? Does it have a ring to it?
  • How does it sound? Say it aloud. Does it roll off the tongue? Can it be mispronounced?
  • How does it look when written? Is it easy to spell?
  • Could it be confusing? Check social media platforms. Are similar names in use? Is it available across social media?

Choose two or three names that make the cut. You’ll need back-ups if your first choice isn’t available for use.

Finally, think about what you love and what will resonate with your audience. Your intuition and passion will help you feel confident in creating a name that gets noticed.

Cuddle up with your furry friend and happy naming!

Question: What helpful tips do you have for creating a name?

Bonus Tip: Questions about next steps after you’ve created a name? Wondering how to register a name?

The 2017 BlogPaws conference will include a three-hour workshop on legal issues including trademark. For more information, check out the conference agenda: Legal Do’s and Don’ts/Fair Use/Copyright/Intellectual Property.

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Jenise Carl is a marketing communications consultant, freelance writer, and best friend to her three-year-old goldendoodle, Chloe. With over 25 years of experience in product innovation, Jenise has led name development for everything from toys to gifts to greeting cards.  When she’s not playing fetch or going for walks with Chloe, she’s creating social media content grounded in joy and positivity. Her vision is to share as much joy with others as Chloe shares with the people she meets. Stay connected with her on Twitter @Happy_Go_Doodle, Instagram @happygodoodle, and on her blog

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