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Friday Freebies for Bloggers: Free Slideshow Tools by Kizoa

By Tom Collins

Today's freebie is from Kizoa, a really nifty set of tools for creating slideshows from your images.

I found this one while visiting Miah Rae's Start the Change You Want to Be blog, where she'd posted this slideshow about Dragon, in her ongoing series on saving pit bulls.

After setting up a free account, it took me about an hour to upload a batch of photos from BlogPaws 2011, drag some of them onto the simple filmstrip timeline interface, and apply a few transitions, special effects, and music. 

Here's the result:

There were a few glitches, like freezing my Firefox browser (apparently from a Shockwave plugin crash), and I'm sure I've only scratched the surface of what Kizoa can do. I even called the contact phone number for help, when it crashed and got through to a human!

But the interface is elegantly simple to understand and use. And once I switched to Chrome, it seemed to work smoothly.

After one quick session, I came away wishing I had more time to play with Kizoa.

I'm also considering upgrading to one of their paid accounts ($29.99 for one year; $49.99 for two years; lots of added features, effects, and so on).

Anybody had more experience with Kizoa that you're willing to share?

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