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Road Trip Travel Tips For BlogPaws Conference Attendees

Post by Felissa Elfenbein, Blogger Outreach & Communications Manager

In the past we’ve offered you tips on what to do when you arrive at a BlogPaws Conference and we’ve told you what to pack for a BlogPaws Conference and we have even given you tips for how to capitalize on the learning, networking and excitement of having attended a conference.

Our Blog Outreach & Communications Manager, Felissa, has put together a practical “rules of the road,” travel tipsroad trip and general information for those attending BlogPaws 2015. Buckle up, settle in and get ready for the ride:

  • Pulling over a lane and slowing down when passing a police car that pulled someone over. If you cannot get over get as far over as possible and SLOW DOWN.
  • Pulling off the road when an emergency vehicle goes by. Note: Do not consider pulling out behind them and using it as your token to get past traffic.
  • Pulling over if you pass by a funeral procession or one is coming down the road no matter how large or small the procession is. It shows respect for the mourners.
  • If you have Northern plates do not go one mile above the speed limit through Virginia!
  • The pedestrian has right of way in the cross walk when going through a small country town. It does not matter if there is no stop light or stop sign. They have right of way; let them cross.
  • Speak slower! We live slower here in the South and therefore have a hard time understanding you when you get all excited and speak really fast.
  • If asking for directions a stop light is the traffic light. It is a landmark and used to determine how to proceed to your destination. (Editor’s Note: A direction of, “turn right at the big red barn on the left past the water tower” is another landmark-destination set of directions I was given on a cross country road trip one time!)
  • Everyone stops at a four-way stop sign and it is “Southern Courtesy” not to be the first one to go. Offer the other driver to go first by waving your hand. They will probably tell you to go first. Remember we live more slowly down here.
  • Say hello to strangers.drive
  • Checking out at the gas station or grocery store or stopping on the road for lunch do not be surprised if someone wishes you a “Blessed Day.” Say, “Thank you!” They are not trying to put their religious beliefs on you. They are expressing what a wonderful and beautiful day it is and hoping yours is the same.

Let us know any practical rules for the road you have learned on any road trips you and your family and your pets have taken.

Editor’s Note: I find that as a New Yorker, it does take a bit of transition to the areas of the country that move more slowly and talk more slowly than we do here. Believe me when I say, that once you’ve acclimated, it is wonderful to embrace that slower pace and to immerse oneself in the culture — even if only for a weekend — before heading back to my face-paced, fast-talking lifestyle! My practical tip is, and I am sure we all adhere to this: When traveling and your dog has to pay Mother Nature a visit — no matter if it’s a yard or a seemingly deserted roadway, pick up the poo!


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