Recognize Aggression In Your Dog #GetTough

#gettoughBlogger Amy Shojai wrote an insightful post that will allow pet owners to recognize signs of aggressive behavior in their dogs. You don’t need to be the pet parent of a 100 pound dog to worry about aggressive behavior. I was the pet parent to my parent’s 13-year-old Chihuahua for the last two years of his life and even in his tiny four-pound body he was aggressive and I noted from Amy’s post that his was fear-motivated. He came from a quiet, two person household to our two dog, four cat, two ferret four person household; he couldn’t see and was scared no matter how we tried to comfort him.

Because April 8 is Dog Fighting Awareness Day, read this post so that you can understand the five types of aggressive dog behavior. Also, let’s #GetTough on dog fighting and put a stop to it.

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