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Pet Parents Make Resolutions, too!

From the good folks at Halo (reported on by our own Caroline Golon) we have some fascinating stats Halo-survey-resultsworth sharing.

Halo, Purely for Pets (it's all natural, holistic food – in case you didn't know), surveyed over 1000 pet parents and this is a tiny bit of their results:

  • 88.7% of pet parents plan to help their pets get more exercise. Here's how:
  • 62.4% – more walks
  • 68.3% – play with them more
  • 30.3% – find a new game to play
  • 2.9% – take a Doga class
  • 1.9% – get into extreme sports
  • 20.2% – go to the dog park more often
  • 15.8% – run my cat up and down stairs

 And, on weight loss….

45.9% plan to help their pets lose weight in 2012 by:

  • 44.8% – feed better quality food
  • 35.1% – feed less food
  • 34% – give fewer treats
  • 33% – give more nutritious treats
  • 68.7% – get more exercise
  • 10.9% – plan a program with their vet

I love this – New tricks: 48.1 Onyx-thankful% plan to teach their pets new tricks this coming year. Hmmm… would love

to hear WHAT new tricks. We're struggling just trying to teach Emily to fetch a frisbee. 

According to the survey results, "The biggest response was – Pet parents would like to spend more time

with their pets and love them even more than they did in 2011!"

Now, I can get behind that, how about you?

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  1. Happy New Year! Mom and Dad’s New Year’s Resolution is to brush me more and give me even more lovin’ than they did this year, if that’s possible.
    As for training or teach me tricks. That’s a good one – obviously a dog thing. Cats train their humans to do what THEY want them to do. MOL! Don’t think I’m kidding…
    I’d like to see you teach Emily to do this! http://youtu.be/TtRaz1cO-Ls

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