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Pet Blogging Trends and Predictions for 2013

Livelovewagby: Carol Bryant, BlogPaws' PR Manager

a big year here at BlogPaws. In the fall of 2012, BlogPaws joined the Pet360
Media Team. Pet360 Media is  the leading digital media network for pet
bloggers, advertisers and publishers. By combining Pet360 Media’s expansive
network of leading online resources with BlogPaws’ social media conferences and
blogger community, the partnership creates the world’s most influential group
of social advocates and professionals in the pet industry.

is more excited than ever to deliver the original social media network and
conference designed by and for pet bloggers. We will continue to grow out
pet-focused conferences and live events, along with our online community. The
partnership with Pet360 Media will enable BlogPaws to up the “bark” and enhance
its resources, support, and means to deliver more value to pet bloggers and
micro-bloggers across the web.

with that great news, here are some pet blogging trends and predictions to look
for in 2013:

will continue to be king.
Although Google+ is coming on strong and is used as a
necessary tool to help escalate your brand/blog on Google, it is predicated
that Facebook will continue to thrive. In a recent column, social media guru
Jeff Bullas, explains that Facebook
will evolve and build its mobile advertising to allow seamless integration with
apps and other platforms.


matter more than ever:
And pet parents, that is what we are: Pet moms and pet
dads. The definition of “kid” has even evolved. Like it or not, many of us call
our pets kids and definitely include them as members of the family. I am
definitely of the “my dog is my kid” ilk. According to a report by readwrite.com,
“much of the change in shopping behavior is driven by two key consumer groups:
Millennials and moms.” Rejoice, pet bloggers—we are making a difference and we
are targeted consumer group.

will continue to soar:
Social media guru, Kim Garst, recently reported that “Pinterest
continues to be the fastest growing social media platform and is highly
engaging. Over 80% of its users are female and of that eighty percent, 50% are
moms.” You want to have pinnable images and things that are worth liking
and sharing.  Search the BlogPaws archives for ways to maximize your
Pinterest account(s) and watch for Pinterest news at the BlogPaws 2013

less is more and lesser-known social media tools will continue to emerge.
you are like me, you end up wanting to pull your hair out trying to decide
which tools work for you and which tools are just well, a waste of time. PRDaily recently ran
a column that highlights 15 lesser-known social media tools from 2012. I am
using a few; worth the peek.

bloggers as a trusted resource:
Our day has come! Pet bloggers have become a
trusted resource that pet parents are using for their news, information,
reviews, and up-to-date content regarding pets. Fellow BlogPaws community
member and About.Com
pet industry guide
, Alissa Wolf, writes, Social
will have an even stronger impact on the industry in 2013, with more
pet parents looking to these platforms for information about pet products and

you predicting any trends for 2013 in the ever-evolving and rapidly growing
world of pet blogging and microblogging?

Stay tuned and join the BlogPaws
community; we’ll be a part of the trend setting, goal achieving, and best of
all things social media for our pet bloggers and microbloggers.

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  1. I think 2013 is going to be an awesome year for everyone. Social media in all it’s forms greatly impact where people get there information, and I sure don’t see that slowing down. Facebook is on my S#@! list right now though. Roxy’s page has been broken for 9 days, with no help in sight.

  2. A shift to mobile. I don’t know about everyone else, but based on my Google Analytics statistics I’m expecting more traffic from mobile users then desktop users in 2013. Now I’m trying to figure out how to better serve the mobile web.

  3. wonderful informative post Carol!!
    Great trends ahead!
    As for Roxy’s page…I told her I think Facebook disabled it because they are removing pages that sound like someone is posting an animal as a person. If she has it marked as a blog page she would be ok……if not…they would disable it

  4. Pets are always to be loved.In 2013 the year going to be proved very well for the pets as well as the pets.People now are more cautioned about their pets and they more caring about health.And their interest is also shown in social media networking sites like Facebook,twitter,etc.

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