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Pet Blogging is Sexy and I Know It


by: Carol Bryant

It depends on what your definition of sexy is, but for me pet blogging is oh so sexy. Say what?

If something is generally interesting or attractive, Merriam Webster says that’s sexy. Pet blogging is sexy. And I know it. I am not alone.

Pet parents think so. And here’s the scoop on what’s coming in 2014 and beyond in the pet blogging world…(with a very special opportunity at the end of this post)

A little back story:  I have two bucket lists: one for myself and one for my dog. I did the same thing for my previous Cocker Spaniel and highly recommend it for you and your pet(s)  The two intermingle and often overlap, and rightfully so; my heart beats dog so. What would go on your dog’s bucket list? Any of these?

  • Meet celebrity pets
  • Get educated in the social media world with your pet by your side
  • Travel together and mingle with other pets and their parents
  • Eat at pet-welcoming restaurants together
  • Feel like the norm and not hear “wow, pets are welcome here?” at hotels
  • Have something published about your pet
  • Raise money in the name of pet(s)
  • Make a difference in the life of  animals
  • Meet online pet friends in person and spend a weekend with them
  • Go to a first-rate conference no matter if you have a pet or not and just want a solid social media foundation and education to go forward and conquer


My dog and I checked all of the above off his bucket list at the five BlogPaws conferences that we’ve been to to date. We are inviting all our fur-ends and fans to join us in Vegas for the BlogPaws 2014 Conference.  I mention this now so you can start a piggy, er puppy, bank, and set aside a stipend each week.

It doesn’t end when the conference lights go dim; the community is year-round, as is the educating and networking; it all culminates with the yearly conference. Start a bucket list or continue the one your pet has now…and if not, why not? Pet blogging is sexy, and you know it.


BlogPaws is the fastest growing group of engaged pet bloggers online and off – we attract the best and the brightest because:
WE EDUCATE: We teach journalistic integrity, expert writing skills, SEO, and help bloggers work effectively with brands. We guarantee professional and reliable work.
WE SHOWCASE: Bloggers who want to learn more and improve the quality of their work, and audience, are featured more often in our campaigns.
WE BUILD TRUST: Brands and bloggers alike trust our team and our pedigree. Our mission is to shape social excellence and influence, while improving affinity for all of our partners, within the pet community.

BlogPaws will be launching our new website very soon and announcing our 2014 Conference Speakers.

And about that special opportunity: SEEKING: Pet Blogger Influencers who want their voice to be heard and be a part of an exclusive panel in the pet blogger niche! Deets and apply here: http://blogp.ws/1bE70ZO

And here's the scoop on the BlogPaws 2014 Conference and Sweepstakes

Who's ready for 2014 and an exciting year of pet blogging with BlogPaws?

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