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Got questions about pet nutrition?

HillsvetWith all the news of pet food concerns and what treats to feed our pets in the news, BlogPaws announces a very special guest at our June 22nd lunch in Salt Lake City, Utah.

BlogPaws's Gold Sponsor, Hill's, welcomes Dr. Daniel Aja, DVM, to BlogPaws to share his knowledge on Pet Nutrition. During the luncheon, BlogPaws attendees can ask questions and engage with Dr. Aja in this very special pet nutrition session.

Dr. Aja is a former President of the American Animal Hospital Association and has been an active volunteer leader with the American Veterinary Medical Association for many years. As the owner and hospital direct of an AAHA-accredited hospital for 22 years, he has vast knowledge when it comes to pets and their nutrition.

We hope you will welcome him and engage him with all your questions during the Hill’s sponsored lunch  on Friday, June 22nd. We are excited to have Hill’s and Dr. Aja join us this year and they are excited to engage with all of YOU! Follow along here and be sure to join us at BlogPaws 2012.

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  1. Good news Connie! Dr. Aja’s talk will be live streamed for free!! Stay tuned. We will announce how you can watch very soon! 🙂

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