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Pet Bloggers Understand ‘The Power of We’

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture1BlogPaws is delighted to be blogging today in partnership with and in celebration of The Power of We and Blog Action Day. What is it? The Power of We "highlights the many incredible efforts we have
witnessed of communities coming together, from local groups to global

As members of the pet community, we understand the power of coming together for a cause. Whether you're a cat lover, dog lover, reptile lover, horse or other farm animal, or if you're an animal rights activist for animals living in the wild (think lions, tigers or bears!)  or an advocate for pets in any form or fashion, you understand the power of your words and the power that a group of like-minded individuals have when working to save or enhance the lives of pets.

Pet activists can take part in grass-roots actions and work to stop pet stores from keeping puppy mills in business. You can volunteer at a local pet shelter and help find abandoned animals their forever homes. Spaying, neutering and other responsible pet ownership tasks can be part of your every day blogging activites as can working with rescue groups to raise funds to feed and care for the homeless. 

Together, with our voices raised in unison, toward a common cause we are stronger than we are alone. What does The Power of We mean to you? 

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