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July Blogging Prompts For Dog Days Of Summer

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

It’s definitely the dog and cat days of summer — at least in the humid area of Western New York that I live in. It’s a time to lay low, run the fans and air conditioner and just spend quiet time with the pets. What better time to get to your writing, am I right?ferret

With that in mind, here is a month’s worth of prompts to keep you blogging for the entire month of July! Ready. Set. Write:

  1. Do you make to-do lists for your pet? For example: Make sure Fluffy gets to the groomer; Get 10,000 steps in with Fido every day. Share those with us!
  2. What tips do you have for keeping your pets safe on the Fourth of July?
  3. What’s on your summer fun list (I don’t like to think of it as a “bucket list” because that has sad connotations in my mind)
  4. What is your favorite pet DIY? Share photos, videos and write ups of how you did it and why
  5. What are your pet’s favorite toys
  6. Where do you love taking your pet for a walk? Is it a pet park? Is there a trail behind your house? Is there a pet-friendly beach? Show and tell time!
  7. What are your pet peeves about, well, pets or pet parents. Hint: the term “pet parent” is a peeve for some!
  8. Write about a day in the life of your cat
  9. Write about a day in the life of your lizard, ferret or bird
  10. Do a round up post of posts written by your favorite bloggers and tell us why they rate your list
  11. Are you a people person or a pet person. Why?
  12. What is the best advice you’ve ever been given about pets? From whom and what was it? Give them a shout out!
  13. Do you travel with your pets for family vacations? Give us your best info and lessons learned from those adventures
  14. July is “National Dog House Repair” month. Does your dog use a dog house? Is it in need of repairs? Do them and blog about it. Does your dog have a crate in the house that he or she loves? Show us pictures and blog about why your pet loves it!
  15. July 15-21 is Rabbit week. Do you own a rabbit? Tell us why a rabbit is a great pet. If you don’t own one but were considering it, share your reasons and your research
  16. July 15 is National Pet Fire Safety day. Share the pet fire safety plans you have in place for your home and your pets.
  17. July 16 is World Snake Day. Are you a snake owner? Blog about what you love about your reptile pet!
  18. What is your dog or cat’s favorite game and how did you discover that it was?
  19. Write a blog post about what you did yesterday.
  20. What are your best being-an-organized-blogger tips?
  21. Would your pet prefer to be indoors or outdoors and why do you think that is?blog prompts
  22. When is the last time you were as exuberant as your pet? Take a day (or at least an hour or two) and live life and embrace living in the moment the way your pet does.
  23. When is the last time you attended a networking event and had to give an elevator speech? Can’t remember? You’d better spend time crafting that speech… just in case!
  24. What is your favorite time of the day. Why?
  25. Does your pet love to dress up? What made you first decide to dress him or her? Share and show some pics!
  26. Do your pets love to swim? In a pool or a lake or doesn’t the body of water really matter? Blog about it.
  27. Have you ever camped with your pet? Blog about how it worked or what you’d do differently.
  28. Use these words in a blog post: SEO, blog post outline, social shares
  29. What is your absolute favorite pet product and why?
  30. What would you do if you saw a dog locked in a hot car?
  31. Blog about your favorite memory of a time shared with friends, family and your pets.

I certainly hope these spark some blog post ideas for you. Feel free to share them in the comments!


(Photo of kitten and puppy out of doors, Shutterstock)

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