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Must Haves to Include on an About Me Page


by: Carol Bryant

It’s the year round “must have” item for any blogger: The About Me page. This all important page on a blog is one of the most pivotal parts of your online real estate. This page is the equivalent of a face-to-face first impression. Imagine if you meet someone at a conference and as you are introduced, the other party does not offer a handshake. This is the equivalent of not having an About Me page on your blog.

The Goal of an About Page

Knock your reader’s socks off and make an impression. For some, it is about humor; for others it’s about getting to know you as a blogger with a more serious tone. Since you never get a second chance to make a first impression, here are 7 things to include in a Blog “About” Page and a bonus idea to add some spice to it:

7 Your Style of Writing in a Nutshell: For some people, the one place they will land and then decide whether or not to read more is, you got it: Your About Page. Is the style of writing on this page representative of the way you generally blog? Infuse your personality big time.

6 Your Image Other Than/In Addition a Cartoon or Caricature: I may take some heat for this one, but most people want to see YOU and not a stylized artist’s rendering. If I can see who you are and I am trying to decide on sticking around, the About Page just gave me two opportunities to get to know who you are much better: Your image and your writing style. A cartoon version is fun and if that’s the image you are going for: Then do it. A photograph of you has impact, too.

5 Flavor:  If your writing is very mundane and you ramble on and on about how accomplished you are and the sentences just do not feel natural, this is the time a reader will move on. See what happened there? That first sentence nearly bored me to tears just writing it. Refer to #1.

4 How You Can Help The Reader:  He or she will be just not that into you if the text solely focuses on you. Your blog solves someone’s problem:  Cat mom? Small dog dad? Ferret aficionado? Tell people what problems YOU solve and why they should stick around and read your site. I’ve seen About Pages that spotlight “best of” posts, which can be risky or pay off quite handsomely with repeat traffic.

3 Something Personal and Memorable: You need not peel away the layers of your personal life too much, but do show a side of you that makes a reader want to return. Examples:

My great uncle competed in Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and I own one of the puppies from that line.

Your pet’s funniest habit, why you blog, the strangest place you’ve vacationed with a pet. Remember, you are selling yourself and your style of writing. Make that e-handshake a firm one.

2 Something Free: Do you sell anything on your website/blog or plan to? Tell what the blog is about, of course, and offer something free if the person signs up for updates. Include the easy-to-follow link and always get someone’s permission to add them to a mailing list.

1 Make a List: Sometimes a list that is easily scannable is just the ticket, like this:

Ten Things About Melinda Bright

1 In school, the kids used to call me “Star Bright” and I loved that.

2 I never owned a cat until I was 23 and now I am hooked.

3 I played the tuba until my dad told me to take up the clarinet. Now I am a whiz at it.

…You get the idea.

Head on over to the BlogPaws Facebook News and Boost group if you are a BlogPaws Community member. If you aren’t, why not sign up for the community here. You can get some ideas for “About Me” pages just by networking with the folks in the group.

About Me Page tips

And the bonus tip:

Embed a video, but be sure it isn’t something that is loud and would get a person in trouble at work. Keep it short, succinct, and representative of you.

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For more “About Page” tips, be sure to read “Blogging 101: Write a Great About Me Page” by Robbi Hess.

When is the last time you updated your About Page on your blog?

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