International Pet Bloggers Month – Blog Hop

Hello everyone! We here a Blogpaws Headquarters hope you have enjoyed the goings on so far this month and used the time to learn and grow from each other. International Pet Bloggers Month is all about showcasing you as a Pet Blogger and how we at BlogPaws can continue to bring you content, events, opportunities, and most importantly connect you with your fellow bloggers in order grow.


International Pet Bloggers Month One of the areas that is going to have a greater focus in the coming weeks and months is how you as a Blogger can Be the Change for Pets and teach your readers, friends, followers, fans, and family how they can help animals in need in their local communities in ways they might not have thought of before. It isn’t always about donating money – yes that is needed and important but there are so many ways an individual can help.


As a Blogger you spend a lot of time using and engaging with Social Media.

Our challenge to you is to create a Blog Post with 3 Tips you would share with your local shelter about how they can use Social Media better.


Once your post is created come back and link up!


Updated: 3 Lucky winners will each receive a $25 Visa Gift Card.


Take a few minutes and get those creative juices flowing. Check out how your local shelter uses Social Media. Are they producing results? Is there a tool you think would help even more? Would they benefit from a posting calendar or from more powerful photos?

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