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Did You Miss These Pet Blogger Headlines?

by: Carol Bryant

Last week was a very busy one at the BlogPaws offices. The team flew to the corporate offices in Colorado for a BlogPaws Summit. We worked feverishly for three days, and oh do we have surprises and plans in store for our pet bloggers and microbloggers. One thing you absolutely do not want to miss: The 2014 BlogPaws Conference. Seriously, we plan to sell out, and there are MANY surprises not to be missed.

Here's the low-down on the headlines not to be missed from BlogPaws Central and the BlogPaws Community last week:

35 Ways to Drive Pet Blog Traffic Using Twitter: Going viral. Driving traffic. Gaining more followers. These are things that pet bloggers and microbloggers pine for, yes?
Well, I do from time to time. One of the greatest tools for traffic for
pet bloggers is, of course, Twitter. I've heard more pros and cons about
Twitter in my many years of blogging than I can remember. Well, that
isn't entirely true: I know of at least 35 pros aka ways to drive
traffic to your pet blog using Twitter. Ears perked now?

What Does a Dog Friendly Club Have in Common with Pet Bloggers: Would you go to a membership-based dog-friendly social club? Danny Frost co-founded Ruff Club with his wife, Alexia Simon
Frost and Leo, the couple's three-year-old miniature Australian Shepherd.  They opened in January 2013 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Ruff Club is
a new kind of place where you can deepen your relationship with your dog.
 It's a membership-based "dog-friendly social club. Sound interesting? Wonder where pet bloggers fit in the mix? Read on…

Adopting (and Loving) Astrid: Dealing With A Dog With Cancer: There are two ways to look at this story: With anger at the individuals who would drop off a three-pound  deaf, blind dog who was suffering cancerous tumors in a park and leave her to fend for herself; or with a grateful heart that Rebecca Braglio saw
the dog, and despite her initial condition, her blindness and deafness
and her cancer opened her heart and home and is providing Astrid with
the chance at a better life for whatever time she has left. 

BlogPaws Community Chat Transcript: Did you miss the BlogPaws Community Chat that took place on Thursday
night, 09/12/13? We did this right in the community; if you look high
atop this screen, see the "chat" icon? That's where to click and you are
in. We will be having more BlogPaws chats in the community. Matter of
fact, we voted last night and those present voiced their opinions. We
will do a Product Review Critique session where we all kindly and with
tact, critique a few product reviews from active Community members. Here is the entire transcript: http://blogp.ws/13WUh0E

Facebook Ads Discussion: Get the skinny on what our community members are saying about Facebook ads and join in the conversation.

List Your Blog URL and Meet New Followers: One of the most common questions I am asked is, "What other blogs can
I follow" so this discussion will be a permanent house for us to list
the blog(s) we manage. I will keep a permanent Excel spreadsheet and update it weekly for everyone to access here in the BlogPaws community.

BlogPaws Pet Blogger Opportunity Network: Our premier pet social media conferences and online community
provide supportive environments where the most experienced and
influential members in the pet space engage with newcomers for learning,
sharing, and fun. Are you in and a part of the many paid campaigns we currently have running?

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