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How to manage time and get to blogging

Pamelawebsterby: Carol Bryant

Time stops for no one, a great writer once penned. Today, that great writer is blogging. With all of the demands of life and so many social media avenues to explore, managing time can be a nightmare.

Not according to Something Wagging This Way Comes (great blog title, we wag for it). Founder of Something Wagging, Pamela Webster, is one of the close to 40 speakers appearing at BlogPaws in Salt Lake City in a few short weeks. Want to eliminate stress and tension that hinder productivity?

In her second BlogPaws experience, Pamela Webster loves BlogPaws to the point of calling herself "a freaky extroverted blogger" and she loves meeting folks she's known online. To her credit, so do we! She loves meeting people who travel with their non-canine companions, including ferrets and cats and more.

So what can one expect to learn at Pamela's session, "Basic Blogging: Getting Started, Time Management, and More?"

"Every blogger despairs of finding enough time. While technology offers helpful tools, it has a learning curve and may take as much time to master as it promises to save," Webster shares. "I'll suggest some self-management techniques that are easy to understand and implement:  Focus on what’s most important. Eliminate the unessential and smart use of technology."

One of the trickier aspects of blogging (and life, after all) is knowing what to do when and working smarter, not necessarily harder. Pamela is coming from New York to sunny Salt Lake City to impart her skills and knowledge to seminar attendees.

Who is the "something wagging" she so affectionately refers to? "My Golden Retriever, Honey, is the Pameladogonly animal in my life right now (as long as you don't include my husband). She's a little over two years old." Pamela, we are grinning already and haven't even boarded the plane to get to your seminar, yet.

Fun fact about Pamela: "Although I spend scads of time online, you might think I was a Luddite since I don't own a car, television, or cell phone," she admitted.

Now that's a fun fact if we ever heard one!!

Come to Salt Lake City and join in the fabulous 3-day event:  BlogPaws 2012

Catch up on our BlogPaws Speaker Series in the BlogPaws Community.





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  1. Thanks for the great interview, Carol. And I’m always thrilled to meet a fellow punster.
    Just wanted to note that, unfortunately, my presenting partner is unable to attend. So the focus of the talk will be strictly on Making Time to Blog.
    Folks interested in getting a well-rounded introduction to blogging should check out Robbi Hess’s fabulous posts for beginning bloggers like this one: https://www.blogpaws.com/2011/03/so-you-want-to-blog-about-pets-5-tips-to-get-you-started.html.

  2. Great article. I just finished up an 8 week course on how to Build Your Author Platform with Dan Blank. He, as well as many of his guest speakers offered similar advice in that blogging is so important these days for writers. Best selling author, Jon Katz also believes in blogging for his platform and is quite prolific in doing so.

  3. Seeing as Something Wagging is one of the blogs I follow, I’m disappointed I have to miss her seminar and the opportunity to meet her as well.
    I hope to be able to attend another BlogPaws conference in the not so distant future….*hint, hint*. 😉

  4. Something Wagging is one of my favorites, and Pamela is awesome both online and in person. I wish I could be there to attend her session – everyone who does will be very lucky indeed.

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