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Help Your Cat Feel At Home

Rumor has it that cats are aloof. Rumor also has it that cats will find any warm, sunny spot or secluded area and make himself at home. We can bust these myths and let you know that the best windoor cat comfort ay to be a great pet parent to your cat is to offer spaces specifically for him.

There is a great article on Pet360 about ways to maximize your indoor space to make your cats more at home indoors.  The tips they offer include: Giving them a high space on which to perch; giving them a box to play in; offering them a warm, comfy blanket in a sunny spot.

Don’t forget, though no matter what kind of ideal place you make for your cat, chances are they will want to sit on your keyboard or your lap while you’re working — there is no better way to make your cat feel at home than that!

Have you done any of these? Do you take time to make space available so your cat feels more than at home in his indoor surroundings? We would love to hear what you do to make your cat the king or queen of the castle!


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