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How much would you pay for this

by: Carol Bryant

What would you pay for the following??? Domesticated 687

* Eight first-rate social media educational seminars delivered by experts in their respective fields

* Meeting celebrity dogs and their owners in person

* Entertainment and yoga you can do with your pet

* A bag of goodies galore filled with pet products (dog or cat)

* Additional access to a world-renowned video director and producer of pet videos

* Meeting many of your Facebook, Twitter, and blog associates and friends in the pet world

* Access first hand to pet product sponsors and brands

* A weekend of pet-friendly fun and networking

* Breakfast, lunch, and snacks from a finely selected menu

* Ideas to launch, continue, or escalate a business involving animals whether for or non-profit, on a blog or a microblog (like Twitter or Facebook)

* Partake in a blogging awards ceremony

* Spread the word about your cause, business, rescue, or group to key players and community

* Prizes galore

* Memories, video and images, friendships, contacts, business cards exchanged, laughs, too!

* All in one place, a grand hotel in a beautiful location

Before you answer, consider this is for nearly three full days.

*cue the Jeopardy final answer theme music here*

Give up? The answer is $199. Having taken many seminars and sessions in my life, I can honestly say they cost wayyyy more than $199 for ONE session not including all the extras mentioned. If you've ever planned a wedding, BlogPaws event planning is the equivalent of being a wedding planner times ohhhhh, 1,000. It is work, a labor of love, but oh-so-worth-it when everyone comes together in the name of animals, being the change, learning and growing, and paying it forward.

All of the above is taking place this year in Salt Lake City in Utah. Hundreds are expected to attend BlogPaws, the original social media pet community and international marketing conference for pets and their parents. The “bark” has been set high with a record attendance expected for the fourth annual conference landing in Salt Lake City.

Can’t make it person or is Salt Lake City outside your budget? Many of the live sessions will be live streamed (think sitting at your computer, watching right along with everyone at the conference), and you can live chat as we learn, together.  Domesticated 713

Purrrrhhaps you are attending BlogPaws but can’t possibly be five places at one time to listen to all 30 sessions. We’ve got that covered with the live streaming, with the Attendee Special price on unlimited access to the live-streamed/recorded sessions.

Here is the Live Stream crew along with COE (Chief of Everything), Chloe DiVita, and PR Manager, Carol Bryant, of BlogPaws, sharing some insights, fun, and what to expect from the live streaming.


Plus our very fabulous keynote speaker, Lena West, who will give one lucky blogger a total blog makeover!


Whether in person or via live stream, BlogPaws has something for everyone.

Sign up for BlogPaws 2012.Paws squared, social media shared.


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