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How to Grow Facebook and Instagram

larry kay

If someone had over 1 million Facebook followers and could share with you how to grow a strong Facebook following, would you listen?

If another person had a strong following on Twitter and Instagram and learned to leverage her skills as a PR specialist into rocking social media, would that pique your curiosity?

At the 7th Annual BlogPaws Conference, taking place May 28-30 in Nashville, Tennessee, Larry Kay of Positively Woof and Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality (and BlogPaws) will join forces for a session on growing your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  Having followers is one thing; having them be loyal today — that is what everyone seeks!


At a Google Hangout that took place in February, 2015, BlogPaws’ Blog Manager, Robbi Hess, interviewed both Larry and Kay for a very special 30-minute knowledge fest.

The entire video is posted below for your reference. Pay special attention to these markers:

How did Larry Kay get over a million followers on his Positively Woof Facebook page? 2:00

What is a best practice tip for Instagram from Carol Bryant? 3:15

How can you gain followers on Instagram? 6:00

How can I get Facebook fans engaged and excited and growing my Facebook page? 7:30

How often should I be posting daily on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? 10:35

What is one of Larry’s best strategies for growing Facebook? 19:33

Can you schedule posts on Instagram? 21:32

Be sure to listen to the entire hangout, as it is chockful of information for folks wanting to grow their social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. Hear (and meet) Larry and Kay and dozens of other social media experts and more. The BlogPaws 2015 Conference registration page has it all: Check it out here.

 Follow Larry Kay on Positively Woof and Carol Bryant on Fidose of Reality.


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