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February Blog Prompt Inspiration

blogKimberly Gauthier of Keep the Tail Wagging brings us a month’s worth of blog prompt inspiration to keep the creative juices flowing and the blog posts going live!

Without further ado, here are your February blog prompts:

  1. Share your thoughts on spay and neuter.
  2. Ground Hogs Day!  What day would you like to repeat?
  3. 10 ways to be a responsible pet owner.
  4. Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month!  Write a post for new rabbit (or pet) owners on a topic.
  5. Five ways to prevent unwanted litters.
  6. Host a guest post on your blog.
  7. Share why we shouldn’t chain our dogs.
  8. Share five lessons you’ve learned as a pet owner.
  9. Five ways to prevent pet theft.
  10. What are five pet products you can’t live without?
  11. Create a resource list for pet owners.
  12. Promote your favorite pet service provider.
  13. Share one of your Pinterest boards.
  14. It’s Valentine’s Day: 10 reasons you love your pet.valentines blog
  15. Share your “gotcha day” story.
  16. What’s in the news?  Cover a news story that impacts pets.
  17. Create a YouTube video sharing 10 fun facts about you and share on your blog.
  18. What was your take on the Westminster Kennel Club Annual Dog Show?
  19. Share the little things that your pet does that makes you smile.
  20. Love Your Pet Day!  Share 10 ways you show your pet your love.
  21. Share your plans for tomorrow.
  22. Walking the Dog Day!  Share your favorite walking trails/paths.
  23. Promote your Instagram – share the story behind your last five posts.
  24. Share a dog treat recipe that contains strawberries.
  25. “Things I’ve Learned From Being a _____ Owner”
  26. Share what makes your town pet-friendly and what can be improved.
  27. Share your thoughts on a controversial topic.
  28. Share the best blog posts you’ve read this month.

We’d love to hear if these prompts sparked a blog post for you. Share a link to a post inspired by one of the February prompts!

(Photo Shutterstock: Blog & Dog Valentine)

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