Get to Know Team BlogPaws 2018 Conference Blog Hop


For this blog hop, let’s introduce the team! As we inch closer and closer to the BlogPaws 2018 Conference, get to know the various team members and ambassadors you can look forward to meeting in person. Each staff member and ambassador is there to help make your conference experience the best it can be!

BlogPaws 2018

Team BlogPaws

Maggie Marton, Director of Content 

My BlogPaws Story: Maggie Marton

Staff Spotlight: What Makes BlogPaws Special: Get to Know Oh My Dog! founder, and BlogPaws staffer, Maggie Marton:

Posted by BlogPaws on Thursday, March 15, 2018


Carol Bryant, Marketing/PR/Social Media Manager

My BlogPaws Story: Carol Bryant

Get to know BlogPaws' Marketing/PR/Social Media Manager, Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality and why she has been to all 9 BlogPaws Conferences to date:

Posted by BlogPaws on Monday, March 19, 2018


Bernard Lima Chavez, Influencer Campaign Manager

How I Was Dragged to My First BlogPaws Conference

Some people's lives are changed by the BlogPaws Conference experience, and our Campaign Manager, The Graffiti Dog 's Bernard Lima Chavez, is one of them. Here's his story and how you can meet him this April for our 10th Anniversary Conference:

Posted by BlogPaws on Thursday, March 22, 2018


Aimee Beltran, Director of Community Education

My BlogPaws Story with Aimee Beltran

What does the BlogPaws Conference mean to our Director of Community Education, Aimee Beltran of Irresistible Icing ? In her own words, here's Aimee's story:

Posted by BlogPaws on Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Felissa Elfenbein, Director of Influencer Marketing


Ambassadors: BlogPaws 2018 Conference

An ambassador is someone who shares in a mission and helps support it every step of the way. Each year, BlogPaws selects a group of pet bloggers as ambassadors to the conference. They are chosen for their professionalism and talent in social media. They will assist everyone in the BlogPaws Conference experience before and during the conference.

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Carol Bryant is the Marketing and Social Media Manager for BlogPaws and runs her own blog, Fidose of Reality and its fundraising arm, Wigglebutt Warriors. When not busy playing with her Cocker Spaniel, Dexter, she stays far away from cooking. Her trademark is her mantra and is tattooed on her arm: My Heart Beats Dog.®

Image: Carl Kerridge Photography