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Cows and Chickens and Goats, Oh My! #WorldFarmAnimalDay

Cows and chickens and goats Oh My!

Post by Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws Co-founder

For the fuzzy-brained, cows and chickens and goats are farm animals. They can also be pets.

Although I’m a city girl, well, mostly a city girl. I prefer living on the outskirts and visiting the hustle and bustle of downtown now and then, so I’m a city girl on weekends, mostly. Anyway, I love cows. I am not as fond of chickens, but hey, that’s just me. Goats are cute. And, yes, other farm animals are dear to my heart also. I’m fascinated by the attraction of pigs, mini-pigs or regular sized pigs, it fascinates me how many people swoon over them. Are you one of those people?

Today, in case you didn’t know it, is World Farm Animal Day. It’s a day to honor farm animals. Yes, much of the day is dedicated to saving their lives and convincing the world to go vegan, but… in its true essence, it’s a day to remember that animals living on farms have feelings, are as alive as the pet you have with you in your bed right now, and deserve more respect than we give them.

I’m not here to change anyone’s eating habits. This blog is not intended for that. But, I do want to share links, information, and content for those who are interested. And I want to make it clear that BlogPaws loves all animals. We understand the passionate love people feel for the animals in their lives, even the farm animals in their lives. Heck, I know folks who call their chickens by name! And, don’t we all swoon over the pigs and goats displayed on Facebook…?  In our hearts, we want to save the animals of the world, regardless of what kind of creature they are!

That’s an impossible task, of course. I sigh over it daily. What we can do, since saving all the animals in the entire world is impossible, is work on a local level to raise awareness and to gently offer solutions such as going vegan. Even if that means, vegan for one day. Just one day a week, perhaps. Could you give up meat for one day a week? Maybe one week a month?

I haven’t tried the one week a month idea, but I think I may. Here’s a GREAT site called Live Vegan about how to change your eating habits, even if it’s just for one day a month.

Regardless of your eating habits, if you’re a member of BlogPaws, or if you are a member of the human race (one assumes you are either one or both of these), I hope you will join me in celebrating this day. Farm animals are more than meat. Farm animals are as important to the ecosystem as any human. We agree with sites like Day for Animals that education is the key. It’s up to us to educate others on the value of these animals, and on how we can give them the respect they deserve.

I ask you to visit the links in this post. I ask you to share. I ask you to write about World Farm Animal Day and share stories about cows and chickens and goats, Oh my! It’s up to us, isn’t it? As smarter people than I have said…you can’t change the whole world, but maybe you can change one person…by sharing this day…and its focus on animals that often get forgotten in our desire to save pets everywhere.

Oh yes, cows and chickens and goats, oh my… we love them all! Now, go out and kiss a goat. (see more compelling images at Farm Sanctuary…)


go kiss a goat on World Farm Animals Day

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