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Can this much fun be legal?

BlogPawsCrew-AAAC-RedCarpetThat's Emily, Olive, Pandora, Chester, Onyx, and Twiggy (L-R) in their red carpet attire at the Anipal Academy Awards pawty! Romeo the Cat's star on the Anipal Walk of Fame Note: Romeo the Cat was busy accepting his Achievement Award for his work supporting cat charities.

You can join in the weekend-long revelry by searching the hashtag #nipclub on Twitter or your favorite tweeting tool. If you just want to follow along with the awards, search #aaac.

Of course, it's all for a GREAT CAUSE, too! Learn more about Kari's Fund for canine cancer research at Colorado State University. Not only can you donate directly, but our good friends and sponsors at APPA's Pets Add Life program will donate $1,000 if we can help get them to 5,000 Twitter followers by the end of the ceremonies tomorrow night. So please go follow them @PetsAddLife and urge all your friends, too!

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  1. Kristin, I know I speak for all of the BlogPaws’ Team when I say: Thank you! Thank you for sharing this with us and allowing us to be such a big part of it. We <3 the anipals! Hope to see many of them in June 2012.

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