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Pet Dental Health Month #PetSmart

In case you missed the rousing #BlogPawsChat that we had with our guests @PetSmart on Tuesday, we wanted to share some of the highlights. We also posed the question, “If you could protect your pet’s health and prevent dental disease, would you? If you brush your pets teeth you can because dental disease impacts 89% of dogs and 83% of cats over the age of three. It’s startling and because it’s preventable dental care is something that every pet parent should make a routine part of pet care.


Dental disease can lead to other health issues with your pet and his overall health. The great news is that you can change that by practicing good dental care that includes daily, weekly, monthly and yearly steps to help prevent it. It is easier to get your pet accustomed to dental care if you start young, but there is no reason you can’t incorporate dental care into the lives of your older pets as well. Patience and perseverance will pay off!


dr anna

It is important for pet parents of cats and dogs to brush their pets’ teeth and to offer dental chews that help remove the build up of tartar.

rascalCheck out this video from Sugar, of Golden Woofs, as she enjoys a dental treat!

How often do you care for your pets’ teeth? How did you get them accustomed to the dental cleaning routine? We’d love to know your secrets to success!

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