The BlogPaws Team’s Favorite Posts

As bloggers we spend many hours — sometimes it feels like too many hours — on the Internet, but because we are writers and researchers this is what we do. During our time noodling around in our quest for research, we come across blog posts and bloggers that capture our attention and again, we’d like to share some of those posts with you.

BlogPaws Ambassador Aimee Beltran shares this video from the North Carolina Blogger Network and says, blogging social media“This is just what I needed to hear. Have you ever taken a “Blogger Rehab?”

What steps do you take before you buy your pet’s food? Ambassador Melissa Clinton shared this post about Medicine versus Mom.

Animal rights issues are front of mind for Kimberly Dickerson,  Ambassador on this post that talks about banning the importation of African Lion Trophies. She says, “Joanne sheds some light on the hunting of lions and why we need to be proactive about protecting them.”

BlogPaws CEO, Yvonne DiVita agrees with this post that you shouldn’t work for free… even if Oprah calls! Do you agree?

Cat lover and Ambassador Teri Thorsteinson writes, “I have always loved this cat blog and miss Finn still, but Quill and Greyson are keeping up the cat chatter.

Co-Founder Tom Collins likes this post about 14 Habits of Exceptionally Likable People.

Do you have “moments of activation” for your brand? Program Manager, Chloe DiVita shares this post and says you should.

Blog Manager Robbi Hess is always on the look out for posts that help writers/bloggers be more productive and she came across this one with the call to action of “Start writing blog posts today.

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