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BlogPaws News Bite: Pets On Amtrack Trains

Many of the pet lovers in the BlogPaws Community travel cross country with their pets either via car or airplane. Now, Amtrack has offered a new way for dog and cat lovers to travel with their furry companions.

In a test, the Illinois Transportation Department will allow cats and dogs on trains until November 22.

Dogs or cats up to 20 pounds will be accepted in carriers such as those used in airplane cabins and placed at the feet and under the shutterstock_158638757seat of each pet owner on the Illinois Zephyr and Carl Sandburg trains, officials said. The trains operate to and from Chicago, La Grange, Naperville, Plano, Mendota, Princeton, Kewanee, Galesburg, Macomb and Quincy. You can read the entire story here.

Have you ever traveled by train with your pets?

(Photo; Shutterstock Cat and suitcase)

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