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#BlogPaws: Be Searchable On Pinterest

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess


“Don’t be cute, be searchable,” was a main takeaway I gleaned from Susan Wenner-Jackson from Ahalogy during her Pinterest Power session at the BlogPaws Conference.

What is the benefit of using Pinterest for your business?

  1. There are 70+ million users, and
  2. Active Pinterest users are more likely to have pets

20150529_110456If that doesn’t show the pet blogger that they need to embrace this platform, nothing will, right!? Susan explained the long-tail life of updates on social media platforms that included:

  • Twitter — 18 minutes
  • Facebook — two hours
  • LinkedIn — 24 hours
  • Pinterest — weeks, months and even years. She said, “Pinterest is a slow build, but once built, it lasts.”

As with many efforts bloggers try to attain, “Eighty percent of all your engagement goes to 18 percent of your pins. This means you need to be thoughtful with your efforts.”

What goes into a great pin? Here are her thoughts:

  • A great, 100 character description
  • Intriguing — make a reader want to click through to your site once they see the pin
  • Be searchable and show value to someone looking at your boards
  • Be personal. Sound like a real person
  • Comment on others’ pins
  • Share and like the pins of others
  • Hashtags aren’t as important to a pin as a good description is

You need to compel someone to click your pin and you can do that by:

  • Providing a great graphic
  • Compelling individuals to click by giving them “enough” information to intrigue, but not enough that they get the entire story from the pin
  • Offer a promise of more to come if they click through to your website from your pin

What should your Pinterest activity frequency be? “You should pin ten to 15 times per day,” she said.

Additional Pinterest tips:

  1. Get your site verified
  2. Use searchable keywords in your Pinterest bio
  3. Have your top five boards at the top of your Pinterest page
  4. If you’re an individual put your image, not a logo or your pet’s image
  5. Use descriptive board names and complete the board information and its categories

Are you finding your web traffic growing because of your Pinterest usage? What tips do you have for others? We’d love to hear!

(Photo: Shutterstock Pinterest and Susan from conference)

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