Wordless Wednesday Fun


Maggie Marten
Submitted by Maggie Marton


Helen Woodward Animal Center


Submitted by Lily


BlogPaws is going to be here before we know it and the entire team has been hard at work to make this year’s event bigger and better then ever before. Now we just need to make sure YOU will be there. Do you have your ticket yet? Have you booked your room at the hotel? Have you checked out the list of speakers and sessions so you can start making your decisions now about which sessions are the most important to you. The ones you cannot miss.

Head’s up Pet Bloggers: We need more pictures posted to the community to give us lots to choose from for Wordless Wednesday. We hear from everyone who has been chosen that they love waking up to the Wednesday morning surprise of having their baby front and center for everyone to look at!

Love Wordless Wednesday because you get to post pictures of your pets? Well it is now 100 times better! Each week BlogPaws is going to create a link up for the community for you to add a link directly to your Wordless Wednesday Post. That way we can all share and enjoy each others pets.

The rules are super simple:

  • Show us your pets!
  • Leave a link directly to your Wordless Wednesday Post
  • Visit other blogs and say hello (don’t forget! This is the part that is the most fun!)
  • Don’t forget to leave a comment to let everyone know you stopped by for a visit.
  • Share the link up with your readers so they can join the community and link up as well.

You can grab the code and place it on your blog or you can refer your readers right back to the Wordless Wednesday post of the week.

If you would like your pet’s picture featured as our Wordless Wednesday picture of the week, please join the BlogPaws Community Center . Pictures you post there have a chance of making it to our Wordless Wednesday. You can post as many pictures as you want in our community we encourage it. When everyone else is tired of seeing pictures of your pet we still want to see them.

4 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday Fun”

  1. Cokie the Cat

    Wednesday already?? We’ll, let’s have at it, then!
    Cokie the Cat

  2. Hawk aka BrownDog

    Hi Y’all,
    Another great day of summer fun! Love the pictures people are sending!
    Thanks for hosting the blog hop! Great fun!
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Rebecca

    Wow! These are great. I love the one of the dog surfing. Fun =)

  4. Amy

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    Swift and Kool