Why Dogs Bark


Many of us already know why dogs bark, and we may even think we know why OUR dogs bark. But, here's a neat infographic that lends some insight. Borrowed from the Daily Infographic site. Lots of good stuff there! Check it out! You'll especially like this graph: Woof-vs-meow.



  • http://dakotasden.wordpress.com caren gittleman

    Since I am the “mother” of “Bob Barker” I found this to be quite interesting!

  • http://www.getpetcoupons.com/ petmeds coupon

    Great infographic! Number 5 is kinda annoying and shouldn’t be done to any dog!

  • http://bunkblog.net Bunk the Pug

    I agree with the above post. Medication and punishment don’t seem to be a very good way to stop dogs from barking. Luckily my dog doesn’t really bark…

  • http://profile.typepad.com/pepperpom PepperPom

    Cool post! They could have included training “quiet” as one of the remedies to barking. A treat in front of the dog’s nose usually gets her attention.