Why Dogs Bark


Many of us already know why dogs bark, and we may even think we know why OUR dogs bark. But, here's a neat infographic that lends some insight. Borrowed from the Daily Infographic site. Lots of good stuff there! Check it out! You'll especially like this graph: Woof-vs-meow.



4 Responses to “Why Dogs Bark”

  1. caren gittleman

    Since I am the “mother” of “Bob Barker” I found this to be quite interesting!

  2. petmeds coupon

    Great infographic! Number 5 is kinda annoying and shouldn’t be done to any dog!

  3. Bunk the Pug

    I agree with the above post. Medication and punishment don’t seem to be a very good way to stop dogs from barking. Luckily my dog doesn’t really bark…

  4. PepperPom

    Cool post! They could have included training “quiet” as one of the remedies to barking. A treat in front of the dog’s nose usually gets her attention.