Who buys holiday gifts for pets? WE ALL DO!!


Gifts for Your Pets! 2012 Holiday Gift Guide from BlogPaws and High Paw MediaIt’s one of our favorite times of year here at BlogPaws (second only to the BlogPaws conference of course!) because we love to spoil our pets! And we know you do too.

So this year, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest holiday gifts out there. Need a perfect stocking stuffer? We’ve got ya covered. Need help keeping your dog or cat calm during hectic holiday events? We have an idea for you there, too. Looking to get your pet something super cool to help him keep his New Year’s resolutions? Yep, we have that, as well.

Click the icon to check out the Great Gifts for Pets Holiday Gift Guide, brought to you by BlogPaws and High Paw Media.

Throughout the season, you’ll see bloggers from the community sharing their favorites from this guide too!

Happy Howlidays everyone!

BlogPaws, High Paw Media, and participating bloggers in the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network received compensation for producing and promoting this guide.

14 Responses to “Who buys holiday gifts for pets? WE ALL DO!!”

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    We also have great holiday pet gifts noted in our blog. Healthy homemade pet treats make wonderful gifts. All treats are being made in holiday shapes and packaged in holiday gift bags. Check it out!

  2. Mary Hone

    Great gift ideas. I think we need several of those.

  3. Chloe Twiggy and Onyx

    Fun stuff!!! We are taking part in a furry friends gift exchange and think more furry friends should do it!

  4. Carol Bryant

    I have shared this around – such nifty ideas and I am glad that BlogPaws put them all in one place for us to get ideas. Thanks!

  5. Bailey Jane

    Great ideas and such a cute design! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Peter Alberti

    Give the gift of giving to the pet lovers in your life!

    Unique gift idea: Send a Pet Chance Gift Code to your friend or family member and allow him/her to donate to pets in need of medical care.

    Pet owners are making the right choices for their pets’ medical care — and need your help to pay the bill. Read their stories at PetChance.org.

  7. Tim

    Great to spoil your dog…but check out this sit
    http://www.yourpetcalendar.com your own pet on a beautiful poster calendar. $1.50 from each order goes to a non-profit pet help organization that you choose at checkout!

  8. Jan Allison

    Another great product is the gift of pet organization!
    How many different times have you written notes for your pet sitter? Do you have 3 dogs and can’t keep up with all of their care history? Do you have a plan for your pets should something happen to you?
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  10. Lornaly

    love the list! I definetly need that Furminator! also this post gave me the idea to post my kitties wishlist on my blog! thanks

  11. SunSocial

    I picked up the dog treat puzzle that everyone seems to have been promoting. I also have sugar gliders and they love solving puzzles too, so it’s a dual gift! 🙂
    PS: If you have Amazon Prime you can save a few bucks vs. Pet Edge.

  12. pet insurance

    Well, if you really love your pets then it will be like your family member so you should also buy some gifts for your pets.

  13. Rachel Tan

    I like this concept. I visited your blog for the first time and just been your fan. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday.