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Five Timely Tips For Your Pet Blogging

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

It’s easy to lose focus when you’re trying to squeeze your pet
blogging time into your regular daily
Picture3 activities. If you want to make your
blogging a priority though you need to take the endeavor seriously; think of
yourself as an entrepreneur and take charge of your pet blogging time as you
would every other task.

There are five tips to keep yourself online and on track with your
pet blogging:

  1. What
    do you need to accomplish to reach your goals and how much time do you
    think it will take? Do you need to blog three times a week to feel you’re
    making progress or will a post once a week suffice? How much time do you
    spend online on activities other than blogging? No judgment. We understand
    it’s easy to get lost in Google searches, lose track of time and never get
    that blog written. Focus is the name of the game.
  2. Set
    a timer to keep yourself on track. If you know you can write a blog post
    in 30 or 60 minutes, set the timer for that length of time and concentrate
    on that post. Turn off your email notifications and resist the urge to
    surf the net.
  3. Choose
    a specific time of day to do your blogging. If you have an hour in the
    morning before work or before the family wakes up, make that your blogging
    time. If you’re more alert and efficient at the end of the day, choose
    that as your blogging time. Pencil it into your date book and let your family
    know this is an obligation you have to yourself.
  4. Have
    a goal to strive for. If you have a specific, written goal it’s easier to
    keep up with your blogging. Do you want to snag sponsors for an upcoming
    conference through your blogging efforts? Are you hoping to network with
    other like minded pet lovers? Do you want to grow your pet blog’s reach so
    much that you can quit your day job and concentrate solely on that career
    path? Whatever your goal, if it’s written down it will hold you
    accountable and will also help you see that you’re making progress. If you
    find you’re not making progress you may need to reevaluate the goal and
    revamp it.
  5. Share
    the love. In addition to doing your own blogging, it is important to visit
    other blogs and leave comments. Blogging is all about building connections
    and there is no better way to do this than to comment on someone’s blog.
    Don’t forget that when you’re done blogging, you will want to spread the
    word through social media. Let your Facebook and Twitter connections know
    you have a new post live.  

The time you spend
online will take you away from other items in your daily life but if networking
and launching your pet blogging career – whether full time, part time or simply
for fun – is your goal, you need to diligently pursue it. Prioritize and take
of your day. 


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  1. Good suggestions. Writing things down help keep you focused. It always helps to have a few things ahead so that when life’s crises get in the way, there’s something to quickly post. One of my problems is finding the time to keep social and visit other blogs and SM. A certain amount of time should be allocated for that, as well.

  2. I took a blog break due to health reasons, but am finally back! I think what is really going to work for me is I’ve discovered I can schedule a post to go live at a later time (yes, basic info to those who blog, but it was an eye opener to me!). So, every morning I can write the next day’s post before I start in on my other slated projects and to-dos. So much less stressful than writing a post that “should” have been up an hour or two before! I also have a “suggested topic goal” for each day written down to keep me on track and evened out – some days are educational in general, others are sneak peeks from last week’s photo shoots, some will be product reviews/giveaways, and some Meet the Breeds as a few examples. And I have to take weekends off, when I am most busy on photo shoots!

  3. I love these comments and yes, I always schedule my posts. There are some mornings I just get a burst of inspiration and check items off my editorial calendar and blog for several days at a time!

  4. Thank you for these tips as I try to make my blog more:
    I’m finding it a challenge with two jobs, three dogs, two (nearly grown) children and innumerable rescue commitments. So your help is extra-appreciated!

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