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Capturing Your Pet Blogging Ideas

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

As a writer — whether a newbie or a seasoned one — you know how fleeting ideas can be. You're walking Picture1through the grocery store and all of a sudden a snippet of a conversation strikes you and you think, "Wow, great idea for a blog post!" By the time you're done shopping and deal with traffic and finally get home, the idea is gone, right? Been there, lost that. 

How can you prevent this from happening? It's easy — so easy it's simple to forget — carry an idea notebook or make use of your telephone to send yourself a text or download an app for your phone that allows you to write a message. Do that and you're practically guaranteed to never lose an idea again. 

When's the last time you lost an idea? What will you do to capture it next time? You truly never know when inspiration will strike and believe me, it is frustrating when you're sitting down in front of the computer with a deadline looming and you've got nothing. 

Grab your idea notebook, or even scratch out the ideas on scraps of paper, toss them in your purse or stuff them in your pocket then when you get home, toss those scraps of paper in an envelope or folder so you can pull them out when you need them next. Your idea notebook, folder or even phone app can be a writer's best friend. 



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