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The Week in Review on BlogPaws

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Did you get a daily dose of BlogPaws here on the blog and in the BlogPaws Community? If not, here's your chance to catch up.

We post new content just about every day here on the BlogPaws blog and have a very active community. Not sure what you missed? Grab a cup of java, water, or favorite beverage and scroll through your weekend recap of BlogPaws week that was:

Facebook Photos

Did you go to the BlogPaws 2013 Conference? We posted three photo albums full of photos on the BlogPaws Facebook page. LIKE us on Facebook and head over to the Photos Section for hundreds of photos from the greatest conference we've had to date! 

National Cat Adoption Month

Though the month of June is just about over, we spent this month with our first officially themed month in honor of all our cat bloggers, microbloggers, and feline lovers. In fact, we've got a special blog hop going on for cat peeps: Join us and you'll be entered to win prizes.

Firework Safety for Pets

kapow, and sizzle: Ah, these are the sounds of the season as we prepare for
thunderstorms and fireworks in celebration of the warmer months. Unfortunately,
for many pets, storms and celebratory explosions lighting up the skies means
anxiety, fear, and often times, running away. BlogPaws has safety tips in place for pet parents.

Bye Bye Google Reader

Now that Google Reader is pulling the plug as of July 1st, what will you use to follow your favorite blogs? BlogPaws is dishing about this in the BlogPaws Community. Join in and see what our bloggers are doing. Remember, blogging is a two-way street: If you want traffic, you have to give love and visit blogs and comment, too.

Hot Topic on Banning a Commenter on a Blog

A very hot topic is how to handle a negative commenter on your blog. One of our community members, Jessica, brought this topic to the forefront with some great feedback.

Domesticated 684
June Photo Contest Still Open

For a few more days, you can enter the BlogPaws Cat Photo Contest for prizes. Have we seen your entries yet? Two per person.

BlogPaws 2014

It's never too early to register for what promises to be another sell-out conference. Vegas, baby, Vegas: Don't bet on a sponsorship; register and join us!

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