Six Reasons Why You Can Never be a Successful Pet Blogger


by: Carol Bryant

094In my many years of writing, blogging, and editing I have
heard every excuse imaginable as to why someone cannot be a successful pet blogger.
I know because I harbored anxiety and allowed it to help me avoid success instead of squashing it and reaching for the brass
ring instead.

There are at least six reasons I find to be the most common
(again, I’ve been there, done that), as to why someone cannot be a successful
pet blogger. With the first weekend of January 2013 officially over, most
resolutions posts will be riding the wave out. So take these six reasons with
you instead and don’t become a successful pet blogger. I guarantee you, if you
do these eight things success will not be yours.

Or you can flip those reasons on their head, dismantle them,
and kick negativity in the gut. These six commonly heard reasons include:

“I work all day and there is no time for me to blog.” Then
don’t blog. You should not blog if you truly feel there is no time in the
course of your waking hours for it. OR you can start cultivating a mental attitude
that will allow you to carve out a half hour or hour to blog each day. Simply
stated, writers write and bloggers blog.

“There is no way I can keep up with the big bloggers.” Then
stop running behind them. Ask any of the “big bloggers” how long it took them
to get there and how many hours they spent devoting themselves to the blogging
tasks at hand. From acorns come great oaks, and growing a blog takes time.

“I have no idea where to start.” Truly, madly, and deeply I
can relate to this one. Once I get started writing, the flow is there.
Regardless of where you choose to start, find a launching point. For me,
the  start of a blog post or an article
sometimes stumps me: So I start with the middle or summarize first what I want
to convey in my words. Start with the end if you have to, but by all means,
simply start.

“There are too many social media platforms to keep up with.”
Yes, there are. So don’t try to keep up with them all. Both new and seasoned
bloggers will face this same dilemma and there is no one right answer. The
social media platforms that suit you might not be the ones I favor. Hit the big
guns (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) and then work to develop a social media plan
for your blog.

“The tech is way over my head.” Indeed it can be. This is my
favorite excuse, and one I relied on time and again. So I did a little
research, found blogs I admired, and then made a plan to find the right blog
tech person without breaking the budget. BlogPaws’ community is ever-evolving
and discussing such topics, so joining this free pet bloggers resource is

“I wouldn’t know where to find any people like me.”
Newcomers to blogging (as we all were at one point) often feel this way. There
are communities galore and networks times infinity online, and the BlogPaws
community is a great place to browse, learn, and engage. You'll
find most bloggers are incredibly helpful and very reciprocal.

Finally, if anxiety gets the best of you and the “what might
happen” jitters cross your mind, I leave you with a quote that resonates me
with: “Leave the past behind and live tomorrow when it comes.” Failure only
happens if you don’t try.

What has been or continues to plague you when it comes to pet blogging? Bark at us below!

13 Responses to “Six Reasons Why You Can Never be a Successful Pet Blogger”

  1. Brenda

    I was guilty of a couple of these reasons at first, but I made it work. I’m not looking to be a “big” blogger like some. Just simply getting out our story. Blogging can be therapeutic and no one says you have to blog every day. That is one of the biggest things I had to get past, daily blogging. Not necessary imo. Great post!

  2. BJ Bangs

    Sometimes it takes alot of work to get to where you want to go. I’m trying really hard to have blogs in the cue so that when there’s no time to be had, there’s one waiting to be posted. That will help insure better consistency.
    As for the SM, I admittedly struggle to find the time to network as effectively as I should. I think I’m doing a tad better on that score, though.

  3. Jo

    I agree I’ve been guilty of many of these and once coming to terms with some of them opened some doors that might have stayed permanetly shut.
    My biggest anxiety is “Why would people want to read what I have to say.” But I am learning that if I post it someone wants to read it whether or not they comment on the post.
    So I feel I am gettting there.

  4. Jodi

    We are really our own worst enemies. 🙂 Sometimes I feel like my blog just isn’t on the ‘right track’ but I keep writing.
    Like you said, start with the end or in the middle if you have to and remember, “cut and paste is your friend” I can’t tell you how many times I cut and paste to get the post the way I want it.
    My biggest excuse for not being as successful as I want is the technology excuse. It can really thwart me, but when I get really frustrated, I ask or I google. The answer is usually there.
    Great post and a nice way to kick 2012 (and all the negative that went with it) to the curb.

  5. Brittany

    Thanks so much for this post. I feel that the fear of failing really resonates with me. You are so right that I just need to try, try again. Also, I am so happy to find this community! I hadn’t been able to find a community of pet bloggers until I found this post.
    I am always looking for insight from other animal lovers on my posts. Please feel free to drop by and leave your expertise. I would love to get to know this group that shares my same interests.

  6. Jennifer

    It’s a positive attitude that keeps us going on the right track. We aren’t always going to be motivated and we can ALWAYS make excuses, but sometimes you just need to throw all the thoughts out the window and just DO IT!

  7. Colby

    That’s a great list Carol! I think we’ve all run into these road blocks. The one that resonates with me the most is not starting. I have plenty of ideas for posts I’m just really good at procrastinating.
    I think a new rule for me this year might be to finish my blog post first before I do anything else on the internet for the day.

  8. MizzBassie

    You are so right about all those reasons! I try to just persevere, keep writing and visiting other blogs.

  9. Glogirly and Katie

    A REALLY great list! I’ve hit all of those roadblocks. : )
    But Jennifer is so right, positivity is the key. And for me, fun is too. I find that when I just throw all the so-called rules out the window and just do what gives me joy, it resonates with readers and friends.
    …ok, and a new kitten provides endless inspiration!

  10. SUGAR: Golden Woofs

    Woof! Woof! Golden Thanks for this post. 2012 was a very busy year for us and we did blog. Actually it helped my mom in a way, blogging helped her relax. Blogging is always fun for us and grateful for the new friendships from other bloggers.
    Social media is always the hardest for us but it is something we realized that we don’t need to keep up. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. Carol Bryant

    I am glad to hear I am not alone – now and then I fall into these ruts, too. I have a “writing rules” poster right next to my desk to give me a boost when needed. Sometimes what is needed is to walk away and do something OTHER than blog so you feel more inspired when you return.
    As Katie and Glogirly said, throw the rules out the window and just write.
    Welcome to the community, Brittany! Are you a part of us here:

  12. Robbi

    I love how you took away any excuses to NOT be successful. Challenge accepted!

  13. Joan DeMartin

    Great article, Carol! Not only are the reasons “correct”, but your solutions are dead on!