Pet Safety Month, Tips, Prizes and More For July


Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Every pet parent knows that keeping your pet safe, healthy and happy is a full time job and one that we
Pet safety take on willingly. Pet safety is a year-round task whether you're keeping your pet safe in colder, snowy weather or helping her keep cool in the hot, humid summer months or keeping him from nosing his way into table scraps that could potentially lead to a visit to the vets. 

For the month of July, BlogPaws and members of the BlogPaws Community are focusing on Pet Safety in our Twitter chats and in our photo contests and other prize give-aways.

This month we are happy to announce that we are offering prizes donated from our pet-loving partners that include: 

Prizes continue to come in so keep checking back as we will announce the latest prizes on Mondays. 

Our Pet Safety Tip of the Day: Never, ever leave your pet in a parked vehicle — interiors heat up far too quickly even on a 70 degree day and it cools down just as quickly. Don't expose your pet to heat related or cold related injuries or death. 

What steps do you take to keep your pet safe while in a vehicle when you're traveling? 

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