Making The Most Of Twitter For Pet Conversations


Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

BlogPaws hosts a monthly Twitter chat on topics of interest to the members of our community. I
Th attended the one we had on Tuesday in which we were discussing Time Management for the Pet Blogger. It was interesting and there was a lot of great information being tossed out. As I was reading and taking time management notes,

I was also pondering the best ways to get the most out of the hours spent in the Twitter Pawty and this is what I came up with:

  1. Make certain you're interested in the topic being discussed. If you're interested in time management, for example, you will get more out of the chat than if you're just there for the heck of it. As with anything you attend, if you're there to learn or pick up tips, you will. 
  2. Be prepared for the chat. We were discussing time management and knowing what your time management issues/concerns are will help you either ask a question or help you focus in on the answer you need from the information being tweeted. 
  3. Be active in the chat. Of course you want to say hello to your fellow tweeters but ask questions, answer a question if you have a solution to something being asked. Provide feedback on whether the chat was productive or what could make the next Pawty better. 
  4. If you find it difficult to follow the stream of chats simply by looking for the hashtag (#) download a tool to make it easier to follow the conversation. I sometimes use Tweetdeck  or Tweetchat other times I simply use the Tweet search tool and type in the hash-tagged chat name. Ours was #blogpawschat
  5. Follow the people on the chat and then follow up afterwards. By follow up, I mean pop in to say hello… don't follow up by trying to sell your new followers your product. Build a relationship before you become a salesperson! 

Twitter chats are a great place to meet fellow pet lovers that are likely facing some of the same issues you are. The conversations move quickly and the topics are enlightening. Don't miss our November chat! 


2 Responses to “Making The Most Of Twitter For Pet Conversations”

  1. BJ Bangs

    What I’ve found very helpful about the Twitter Chats is that it throws me into Twitter, something that takes a bit to get used to. The more you tweet, the more you understand it’s incredible potential. So for me, even if the topic isn’t something that perks my paws up, it immerses me in Twitter. You’re absolutely right about participating, asking questions, and commenting. It’s all about networking.

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