Are you flying to BlogPaws 2013?


By Tom Collins — [Note: This is a rerun of my post from 2011, but I’m pretty sure the hotel and airports haven’t moved! ;-D]


We’ve had some questions about which is the “best” airport to fly into for BlogPaws 2013, so here’s the map showing both the two main airports near Washington, D.C.

<<< Click the map image to enlarge.

The hotel is just off the interchange between the Dulles Access Road and Leesburg Pike. So Dulles is definitely the closest and easiest to get back and forth.

But if you look at the lower right part of the map, you’ll see that Reagan is only a little farther in distance and probably a bit more roundabout for ground transport. Deciding which is “best” for you will likely depend on the airlines available at the airport you’re starting from!

The map also shows how close the Sheraton Premiere in Tysons Corner is to the Capital Beltway (I-495) for driving from the north or south and to I-66 for driving from the west.

Plus, you can see the Potomac River gets pretty close, too, so if you’re anywhere along the east coast and thinking of boating to BlogPaws, that might work, too! ;-D

11 Responses to “Are you flying to BlogPaws 2013?”

  1. CarmaPoodale

    We want to drive so we can see the scenery but dad wants us to fly so we get there faster. Wonder what the weather will be like in May?

  2. Colby

    Will there be a BlogPaws shuttle from the airport to the hotel?

  3. Carol Bryant

    In May in this area, the weather has been beautiful… I have been to the DC area in May many times, Carma.
    Colby, will check into that 😉

  4. caren gittleman

    thanks for reminding me about Reagan…last time I flew in and out of Dulles and it was a nightmare (due to being huge) I am thinking Reagan might be smaller
    @Colby last time I used Super Shuttle, here is their website
    Wasn’t too expensive…less than a cab. Lorie Huston used it too (that is when I first met her, sharing a ride!!) They are reliable
    If I remember correctly the hotel didn’t have a shuttle….but I am not 100% certain about that…

  5. Suzy

    Having lived in DC for years, airports just depend. About the same from Reagan or Dulles. Depends on traffic, time of day, are you taking public transportation , cab, or renting a car. I’d look at cheapest airfare at convient time and then check prices of transport to hotel. To me the biggest advantage to Reagan is it is on the metro line, which doesn’t yet run to Tyson’s Corner, so …. Other option I’m thinking of, is BWI is often cheaper, but you’d have to rent a car. Might be good if you are staying to sight see in the area.

  6. Tyler Jones

    Interesting post! I like the overall concept and really appreciate it. Well done and keep up with the good work.

  7. Magento

    Good one! I like it. Keep posting, I will surely come back for more.

  8. Karl Mattingly

    Great point of view! I fully agree and I think that people need to be more open about discussing these issues.

  9. Emmy Scammahorn

    Hi, pet pals! I’m local to Tysons Corner.
    The Sheraton had a Dulles-hotel shuttle in 2011, but no more. Go to their web site for Transportation Options:
    If possible, I would choose Dulles, not so much because it’s closer but because you’ll follow a single road that shouldn’t be affected by rush hour.
    If you’re thinking of Reagan-Nation, DC rush hour starts about 3 p.m. (if not earlier) so a taxi may be more expensive. Super Shuttle is the same price no matter how long it takes. Shuttle airport pickup is usually within 15 minutes of your arrival; drop off will depend on the number of passengers (up to 8, I think) and who gets dropped off first. (Use the rest room before you get on!)
    Your weather in May will be either spectacular (sunny, upper 70s) or a little rainy and a tad chilly (60s). It’s likely to be the former.
    And…I will bring Charlotte, my hamster, who dreads meeting dogs; I, on the other hand, am thrilled.

  10. Chloe DiVita (@Twigglet2)

    The event is May 16 – 18, but the hotel honors the event rate for longer and that is why it lists those dates. I would be there early Thursday though because we’ll have some workshop/panels/sessions going on Thursday afternoon!