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Banished! Words We Wish Would Go Away

Typing-a-blogby Yvonne DiVita

According to this page on the Lake Superior State University 2012 list of Banished Words, pet parent needs to 'go away.'

Personally, I object to the objection. Here's what Lynn Ouellette had to say about the term pet parent:

"Can a human being truly be a parent to a different species? Do pet 'owners' not love their pets as much pet 'parents' do? Are we equating pet ownership with slave holding? This cloyingly correct term is capable of raising my blood sugar. Lynn Ouellette, Buffalo, New York

Yes, Ms. Ouellette, pet owners do love their pets as much as you love your kids. Even those of us with kids love our pets as much. But then, we love most living, breathing creatures. Not just dogs and cats and kids. So, in my house, 'pet parent' stays. It's what I am – a parent. To my kids and my pets.

I do, however, agree with many of the other terms. For instance, who isn't sick of "ginormous"? It's cutesy – it serves no real purpose – and it grates on my nerves. Just say enormous, please. That's what you mean. Or gigantic. Or, big.  Don't make me come over there

What about "man cave"? Who's tired of that? I was tired of it the day it started. "Man cave"… like men need a 'cave' to be sent to when they're bad. I know, that's not what it means… it represents a place within the home for the man of the house. Why isn't the family room a man cave? Why isn't the kitchen a man cave? I don't know. I do know that having a special place of solitude is nice and even women need that, now and then. Seems to me it can be any room in the house you want it to be.

AND… cave… that part of this term is what annoys me the most. Cave – a dark, dank, little place to hide in. Or, as defined by The free dictionary Online:  A hollow or natural passage under or into the earth, especially one with an opening to the surface.  Really… man cave???

There are a number of other words/phrases on the list thatI wasn't familiar with ('the new normal' and 'win the future' are two) so hop over and share your thoughts on words we wish would go away.

Heading the list, by the way, is "amazing." So, take that out of your vocabulary. It is overused, don't you think? Personally, I'd like to take the word "actually" out of the English language. And the word "very"… "Actually, I'm very happy about this turn of events…" makes me gag!

How about just saying, "I'm happy things turned out so well." Short, sweet and to the point.

Thoughts on words we need to banish? Oh, one last bit of advice – try not to use these banished words in your BlogPaws presentation in June, if you're speaking. Please.

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  1. We happen to like pet parent too 🙂 I’m not a parent to “human” children, but our kitties are our “kids”. I don’t often refer to myself as a pet parent, but in all reality, that’s what I am!

  2. When these lists emerge, I always ponder “who named them the authority” on list creation? Pet parent is here to stay. Pets are loved as family members and this irks me to no end that the writer included this on said list. I cannot promise the words to go away won’t ever be in my vocab again; if I like a word and it suits the group to which I am speaking and/or the company I am in, so be it. Amazing lol 😉

  3. I always think people who do these sorts of lists are like Mr. Blackwell – self-proclaimed experts. Just because they don’t like a certain word or phrase doesn’t mean it should be removed from the English language. Except baby bump – that can go!

  4. Sorry I am a pet parent, a Ferant, and a pet owner. Those words are all staying in my vocabulary. But the one word that I can’t stand is ‘rents just say parent. Parents are not rented.

  5. whew!! You scared me!! My blog post today (book review) is all about being a “pet parent”!!!!
    I am with you in regards to “man cave”, “ginormous”….I am guilty as charged in my use of the word “actually”…and “very”….need to work on that, PRONTO!
    I was just reading a blog post the other day that was talking about the obnoxious TV show “The Bachelor” and their overuse of the word “amazing.”
    Please forgive me because I am going to mention a word that I know a little birdie enjoys using but when I see it it has the effect of nails on a chalkboard for me…that word is “kewl”….I can barely type it because it makes me want to SCREAM!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m one that is not all that enamored with “pet parent”. I use it on my blog, mostly because it’s popular among pet people. I do stay away from “owner” (at least I try) because I think most people would be offended by it.
    I prefer to think of myself as my crews’ guardian, the one whose job is to guide them through a happy healthy life. Of course, they don’t care what I call myself as long as I make sure they don’t miss a meal.

  7. I’m not too keen on pet parent, seeing as the actual parent and grandparent of my youngest dog also reside at my house. While I personally prefer owner, I prefer parent to guardian, which has legal implications I am uncomfortable with. BTW, I may not be as attached as their moms were when the girls were baby puppies, but I’m pretty sure I’m more fond of the prima donna middle “child” than either her mom or her daughter are(who are BFFs with each other)

  8. Aw, Caren… I’m guilty of the ‘kewl’ word – but, it’s not really a word, is it? It’s a colloquial term – not sure where I first heard it but… I like it! OMD! How bad does that make me???? Do I get 100 lashes with a wet noodle???

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