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Blog Hop: 20 Fall Blog Ideas for Pet Influencers

Fall is in the air and now is the time to infuse blog ideas and social media plans with autumn content. As pet influencers, we are very much akin to retailers: always working a season or two… or more… ahead. This week’s blog hop is dedicated to fall blog ideas. Use these nuggets of inspiration to infuse your creation of blogging and social media fabulousness:

Fall blogging prompts for pet influencers

20. Pet-friendly places that you can visit to see the changing leaves, pack an autumn picnic, and get away. #WinWin: Take stunning photos for your Instagram Account and do an IG Story!

19. DIY Pet Themed Jar: For a few bucks, do a Bowser or Bitsy on a Budget post and snag some battery operated small white lights, stencils, pet-safe markers, and teach your readers a craft.

18. Best New Pet Themed Books: If you are an Amazon affiliate, make a list of books and link out to them with the proper disclosure. Be sure you are familiar with the books you are recommending.

17. Fall Dangers and Pets: Now is a perfect time to warn your readers of the dangers lurking this time of year.

16. Fleas and Ticks: Pests don’t go away with the change of weather; in fact, they may even get worse! Share tips that work for you on preventing them or what to do for an infestation of them.

15. The Seasons of a Pet’s Life: Compare fall to an adult pet and what changes occur, what to watch for on the health front, etc.

14. Share your favorite pet social media accounts to follow for fall inspiration. Sharing is caring and helps you put the ‘social’ in social media.

13. A post about pet friendly living: Fall is resplendent in the colors of orange, brown, and more. Is your office or home adjusting with the seasons? Show us? Affiliate links!

12. October is Apple Month, but it is also a time of other foods and flavors. What foods should pet parents avoid for their pets? What foods are safe?

11. Create a fall printable to share with your readers: Look to your archives and infuse a theme into a printable.

10. Blog about about 10 ways to keep pets warm in the cold weather.

9. Five items for fall your pet cannot do without. Affiliate links!

8. Create a fall gift guide for pet parents of the pet(s) of your choice.

7. Start a blog post with this fall prompt: “The fall traditions I most look forward to with my pets include…”

6. Recap Post: Your favorite (or most-viewed, or a group of related) posts from your blog.

5. A list of  activities to do with pets on chilly, rainy days.

4. Mix it Up: Agree, disagree, question, challenge, predict, and/or share your point of view. This type of blog post can be your spin on stories in the news, popular opinion, etc. Know how to be prepared for controversy here.

3. Product review: Pick your favorite fall cleanup products for pets and use your affiliate link for them.

2. Teach Your Pet This Trick: What a great time to train a pet and have a trick or treat contest or giveaway.

1. Rescue pets: Work with local shelters or a favorite rescue and spotlight pets in need. Win Win!

Fall blogging prompts

Bonus: Here are 10 more fall blog idea prompts.


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