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  • 2017 Blogging Resolutions: Plan and Blog Even If You Don’t Have Time

    Make time to blog planning matters

    Over the past couple of weeks you’ve focused on Goal Setting To End The Year Strong and Reflecting On 2016 To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet. Now that we are five days into 2017, it’s time to work on your 2017 blogging resolutions, and that… read more


  • BlogPaws Conference 2017 Early Bird Expiring Soon

    BlogPaws 2017 Conference early bird

    Does the early bird always get the worm? In the case of the BlogPaws Conference 2017, the early bird gets the best price. If you register for the BlogPaws 2017 Conference by December 31, you get the best price, the early bird price, AND you are automatically… read more

  • Frivolous Spending or Wise Investment? How to Tell the Difference

    necessary expense or frivolous purchase how to decide

    Let’s just say up front that I am not a numbers person. I avoid math as frequently as I avoid feta cheese–all the time! I realized many years ago, though, if I wanted to be a “real” entrepreneur, I needed to take note of the numbers.… read more

  • How to Write a Great Blog Post in 30 Minutes

    stress free blogging tips

    How long do you devote to writing a blog post? I have spoken with people who indicated it takes them hours… sometimes days… to write one blog post! What?! Yes, there are times when you’re working on an in-depth blog post that requires talking with and… read more

  • How Do You Serve Your Audience?

    How can you serve your blog's readers today? | BlogPaws.com

    Think about your blog’s purpose. Maybe it’s to empower kitten foster homes with education and a sense of community. Maybe it’s to make people laugh with stories and anecdotes about your multi-species household. Or maybe it’s to be a resource for dog lovers who compete in… read more

  • 8 Ways to Use LinkedIn To Grow a Blog

    LinkedIn growth tips for a blog

    When was the last time you reviewed and updated your LinkedIn profile? How often do you use LinkedIn to help with growing your blog traffic?  LinkedIn is a powerful tool, if used to your blog’s advantage. It can help you define yourself as an expert, more… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Cats and Dogs


    One date and two species: October 29th are celebrated as National Cat Day and National Pit Bull Awareness Day in the pet space. This edition of the Wordless Wednesday blog hop is dedicated both cats and dogs. National Cat Day was founded to help the public recognize… read more

  • How to Make a Pet Blog Post Stand Out

    How to Make a Pet Blog Post Stand Out

    The definition of a successful blog post varies from blogger to blogger. One of the shared goals on which most bloggers would agree is this: Getting the content seen, commented on, and shared. Knowing how to make a pet blog post, or any niche for that… read more

  • How to Use Social Media Analytics to Drive Traffic

    Social Media Analytics

    Growing an online influence is a common goal these days: We want more followers and–more importantly–more engagement. Knowing how to find and then use social media analytics on the various social media platforms is essential for influencer success. First and foremost, create the best content possible, focused… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: World Animal Remembrance Month


    The entire month of September is dedicated to World Animal Remembrance Month. In honor of all animals, this Wordless Wednesday blog hop is dedicated to them. It is a time to remember, respect, and honor the memory of all animals. This is one of those themes… read more