Product Reviews

  • The Truth About Paid Product Reviews and Disclosure

    by: Carol Bryant Have you ever been asked to write a product review for a company’s service or product? If you are a blogger or microblogger, no doubt you either have (countless numbers of times) or you will be courted if you are just starting out.… read more

  • Want to Take Your Blog Product Reviews to the Next Level?

    Leveraging product peviews to build Positive relationships with brands is no easy task. Knowing how to do a professional product review amidst the pressures of regulations, compensation, and link building from both bloggers and brands are making relationship building more and more difficult. This year's BlogPaws… read more

  • Who buys holiday gifts for pets? WE ALL DO!!

    It’s one of our favorite times of year here at BlogPaws (second only to the BlogPaws conference of course!) because we love to spoil our pets! And we know you do too. So this year, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest holiday gifts out there.… read more

  • Pet Product Spending is Up: How Come?

    Guest post by Carol Bryant I love pet products. I love being around them, learning about them, finding the ones that really stand out and are actually good for our beloved pets (mostly dogs in my case), and then sharing that info with friends, family, fans,… read more

  • Citizen Journalists

    by Yvonne DiVita A few events this weekend have inspired me to post about honesty. Remember your teachers and your parents telling you, "Honesty is the best policy," when you were young? Remember your Mom or Dad saying, "Just tell the truth and you won't get… read more

  • To Pay or Not to Pay … Bloggers, that is from the voice of PR

    Yvonne DiVita here: Seems that yesterday's post on PR pitches struck a cord with a number of people, both bloggers and PR firms. The following is a post written by Megan Licursi of MLMC . She and I exchanged some emails about this topic, then hopped on… read more

  • Yes, You Too Can Be A Millionaire

    Or, at least think like one. I got to musing over the weekend. Musing on inventions that have made millions – but are pretty  outrageously… stupid. That's my opinion, of course. And, the opinion of the author of this post: 15 Incredibly Stupid Ways People Made… read more

  • How to build a great presentation: Part I

    I'm reading a book titled Presentation Secrets by Alexei Kapterev which was sent to me to review. It's got such great content and information, I thought I'd share it here in a series of posts. [affiliate link] A lot of the members in our BlogPaws Community… read more

  • Copyright, product reviews and contests: One Blogger’s Thoughts

    A.J. over at I Still Want More Puppies, has a great blog post about the session covering copyright, product reviews and contests. She has given us permission to share it, with a link back to her blog where you can read all of her posts about… read more

  • Why Bloggers Are the New Celebrity Endorsers

    Blogging for money – is it ethical? Is it honorable? Would you do it? DO you do it? The reality today is that bloggers are influential in the world of sales and marketing by virtue of their personal connections (their networks – on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,… read more