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Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop How to Use Hashtags

Just in time for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop, let’s talk hashtags. Some people overuse them, others don’t use them enough, but if used and engaged with properly, hashtags can become your second best friend (the first being the pets in your life, of course).

How to use hashtags

The Hashtag Defined

A hashtag is that funky number symbol that looks like this: #. By using a hashtag symbol before a relevant keyword or phrase, folks can more easily follow along with your message or any message associated with it.

Hashtags Explained

Hashtags can be quite tricky, especially if you have no clue what they mean. Discover what hashtags mean, and add your own definitions with tagdef.com. Note: When creating a new hashtag, ensure that it isn’t already being used. No one actually “owns” a hashtag, but you certainly don’t want to tweet with a hashtag that has previously been used. You can easily find this information by searching for a hashtag on tagboard.com. Type in “funnydogs.” Of course, this is heavily used so there is nothing new about it. However, you can jump on the #funnydogs hashtag bandwagon if you post a funny photo of your dog on social media.

Instagram and Twitter

No two social media platforms maximize the hashtag more than Instagram and Twitter. On blogs, content is king; on Instagram, conversation is king. Use your blog’s key SEO keywords as hashtags. Test different hashtags out. If others are posting content that fits your niche with your hashtag, strike up a conversation.

Here are a two more Instagram hashtags to dive into:

#Regram: Use this hashtag when you are posting something that was previously posted by a fan.

#LaterGram: If something happened a while ago but that photo was never posted, you would tag it #latergram. So, if a month after the #BlogPaws Conference you go through images and post one from Nashville, tag it #latergram. Millions are using it; go look!

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Twitter: Here are 10 pet-related Twitter hashtag tips.

Bonus Tip:  Engage with trends. What you might find interesting is not necessarily what folks on Twitter will think is interesting. See what’s trending and add credible tweets to the conversation. Trending topics and hashtags appear in the Trends area when you first sign on to Twitter.

Bottom Line

Hashtags are a great ways to find and join in conversations. The best hashtags to hang out and interact with are often the ones that are trending at the moment. Engage with them in a way that is genuine and shows you want to be a part of the conversation.

The Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

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