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What Is The Value Of Blogging In Your Pet Business?

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that “blogging is here to stay,” right? In the past, as with any new technology, some business owners considered blogging a fad. Blogging was something that “didn’t work for MY business.” The idea of a blog was an afterthought, as in after I have exhausted all other means of grabbing the attention of my readers and potential customers.

Today, I imagine that there isn’t a business owner out there who doesn’t think that blogging should be one of the first tools you pull out of your toolbox when putting your marketing plan together. If you’re still not convinced, here are some ways in which you can find the value of blogging in your pet business:The value of blogging for pet business owners. Tips.

  • Used correctly, SEO can help you cast a wide net and reel in more prospects and thereby make more money.
  • You can gain loyal followers to both your blog and your brand if you’re blogging. A blog is a home for your content to reside. Your blog helps Google to think that your website is always active. Keep in mind that a static website — one that doesn’t have a blog component doesn’t rank in Google because there is no activity.
  • You can provide your readers with “free training” every time they come to your blog. How? Because if you have an area of expertise or a specific niche upon which you focus, you can teach your readers something new every time they visit. Become a valuable resource.

How can you make your blog the best it can be? Here are a few tips:

  • Provide short, snappy articles. Write long posts if the content you’re sharing warrants it. If it doesn’t, don’t write long for the sake of “writing long.” Your readers are busy people. Offer them great info in a compact package.
  • Write on a schedule. Remember how people would flock to a particular donut shop when the “Fresh Donut” sign lit up? Consider new content on your blog to be the “fresh donut” you offer your readers.
  • Share your content once it’s written. If you don’t use social media platforms to share your content you may be missing out on readers to your site. Even though you’re sharing your content on social media, you need to remember the most important word is “social.” Don’t be always selling. Provide valuable content, updates and insight your readers will love.

How long did it take you to embrace blogging? Has it helped you grow your pet blogging business?

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