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What Did You Miss Last Week In BlogPaws? A Lot!

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

I love the weekly round up. It gives me the opportunity to go back and look more thoroughly at the posts
1385134_10151647991571721_290697946_n that had gone live. Like the rest of you I juggle work, my own blogging, caring for Henrietta the Diva Poodle, and life in general and somedays I skim the posts — not fully getting the entire impact and information being imparted.

On a Saturday or Sunday morning when I go back and look at the posts of my favorite pet bloggers or write the weekly BlogPaws round up I am able to relax (If dealing with breast cancer has taught me one lesson, it's to take time off and that is what I do on the weekends!) 

If you're ready to settle in and relive what we posted for you last week, now's the time to grab your coffee, tea or soda and get to it:

  • Because we are celebrating and helping to raise awareness of animal adoption during our October theme of Adopt a Pet, we provided a post for any of you pet lovers who know you want to do something to help your local shelter. Even if you can't adopt there are still myriad ways in which you can be involved and bring some comfort to a homeless animal in need
  • As BlogPaws 2014 draws ever closer we put out our call for speakers for BlogPaws 2014. Do you have a particular area of expertise that you'd like to share with our Pet Bloggers? Let us know. 
  • There are oh so many things you could be addicted to: coffee, chocolate, Breaking Bad or potato chips. One of the best things we pet lovers can be addicted to is our pets, don't you agree!  Read this post to see if you have any of the "symptoms."
  • For Wordless Wednesday we asked you to show us pictures of your adopted fur babies and boy did you come through! What an amazing array of pets! 
  • BlogPaws 2014 or Bust winners were announced. Our Twitter contest drew in fabulous entrants and tweets that we just loved! 
  • Do you love infographics? We do. We have an Adopt A Pet Month infographic on the site that we'd love for you to share on your blog or website. You will find the code to use at the bottom of the post. Help us spread the word about pet adoption and its rewards! 
  • Another day another blog post, am I right? If you find yourself craving human interaction or in need of inspiration it's easy to do. Shake up your routine. Get out of the house. Interact with others. Take a walk in the park and watch inspiration come flowing back in! 

We love hearing from our readers. What do you want to see us write about? What topics are near and dear to your hearts? What social media or blogging tips, tricks and tools do you feel you need guidance on or with? Comment here and let us know! 

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  1. I still have to learn about the art of “skimming a post”! I’m new to BolgPaws and have found myself spending much longer than I should reading all the wonderful material that’s already available here;)

  2. I am new to blogging about pets, but I do have 3 small pets that I really love and I am still am having trouble getting started on pet subjects. I am beginning to pick up on things that are of interest to pet owners such as training, dental hygiene, and other things concerning their pet’s food, etc. So that’s why I am here and I thank you for your work and the interesting articles about pets and blogging.

  3. Gary, you should join the BlogPaws Community (link above). It’s a great place to meet and talk with other pet bloggers, get hints and tips on what to write and glean what is of interest to pet bloggers. Glad you’re here!

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