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Top 10 Ways To Build Traffic To Your Blog

Pandora-contemplating We all want more traffic. We want to know people read our blog and like it. We want to attract sponsors and advertisers, or raise money for our favorite shelter. That requires – readers. Here are 10 ways to get and keep readers to your blog:

1. Brainstorm compelling headlines – and save them in a file for later referencing. Your title not only attracts people, it attracts Google.

2. Build keywords into your content. Make sure you're aware of the right keywords. Don't just 'write'… write with purpose.

3. Make lists. Lists are easy to read by both people and spider bots.

4. Share relevant information on your blog topic, quoting from experts. Make sure you credit ALL content. Cite your sources!

5. Tell a true story. People love to hear stories. Don't try to be literal – when relating a story that happened weeks ago, or years ago, you are entitled to add a little fiction. No one expects you to remember things word for word!

6. Interview your blogger friends. Find the sweet spot – what do they know that you don't? Share! Furry-Scurry-2010-Bissell

7. Give away free stuff. That can be videos, lists, ebooks, maps… make sure the content of what you're giving away is worth something. No one cares if you're giving away free stuff that isn't worth the effort of downloading it. Free stuff has to have value; the more value, the more your readers will download it and share it and the more traffic you will get.

8. Do spontaneous reviews. If you received free stuff in the mail, review it. Be honest, be professional (if you don't like it, don't trash it, explain why it just doesn't work for you), be kind. If you purchased something new – same deal. Tell your readers why they should buy it, too. Or not.

9. Choose one day per week to write on a specific topic. It could be a post about your favorite brand (won't they love you!), how to do something (make your dog a raincoat?), or your thoughts on where the pet community is going (to Oz – to find Dorothy?). Consistency often brings in readers – they look forward to that post every week because they're interested in the topic focus.

10. Invite guest bloggers. More bloggers, more readers. Make sure you have a badge for them to share on their blog: "I also blog at XYZ on Mondays. Visit me there!" Here is a list of guidelines to help you figure out how to attract guest bloggers and how to instruct them on how to blog on your blog.

Share ways that you build traffic to your blog. Everyone has them… and everyone else needs them.

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