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The Future of Blogging

DinoThe Future of Blogging: Ever wonder where blogging is headed and how this affects us, those in the pet space (and elsewhere) for that matter? These sort of things keep us awake at BlogPaws offices, too. Taking action and doing something about it keeps us grounded.

Ask Dino Dogan, since he knows a thing or two about blogging's bright future. Dino is the Founder of Triberr, a blog amplification platform that sends over 2 million visits (and growing) to its members each month.  BlogPaws is proud to welcome Dino back to the BlogPaws Conference, where he'll be bringing his expertise to our attendees. Here's the scoop and what you can expect:

BlogPaws: Welcome back! What is the name of your session
at BlogPaws?

Dino: The Future of Blog Monetization

BP: More specifically, what can attendees to your Pro Level Session hope to learn?

Dino: There are major currents shifting the ground beneath our feet.
These currents will change how the creative class (Bloggers) make a

Production cost for publishing content is zero. We all have blogs, after
all. Payment processing is near zero thanks to PayPal and similar platforms.
For the first time in our history, the creative class has the opportunity to
concur the last mile, which is the distribution of content. 

Large platforms like Amazon, Google, and iTunes, have simply inserted
themselves as the new distribution centers. The next big shift will be a
displacement of these large platforms as the gatekeepers between
the creative class and their benefactors.  

It will happen lot sooner than most people think. And in my session, I will
talk about how to be ready for it. 

BP: Sounds VERY interesting and very timely! What is your goal for folks to walk away with from your session?

Dino: I hope people gain a new perspective from my session. A clarity. A
direction. A deeper understanding of forces that control our ability to reach a
greater audience.

BP: What is your favorite aspect of attending BlogPaws/what do you most
anticipate as an attendee?

Dino: I LOVE meeting the dogs and their owners. Cat people are cool, too. It's
those ferrets people I cant stand. #JustKidding

BP: What pets share your life?

Dino: I'm a proud servant
to the dog named Dojo. He is five years old.

BP: Just for fun, what is
something about you people would be surprised to learn

Dino: I was born and raised in Bosnia. Up until few years ago, my official status
in USA was a refugee.

BP: What is one website
you visit at least once daily?

Dino: http://triberr.com

BP: Where can folks learn more about you?

Dino: http://DinoDogan.com

BP: What is a favorite
blog or blogger you follow regularly?

Dino: Kenn Bell's blog is awesome. http://thedogfiles.com 

6a0120a678c547970b017d410f5f1f970c-200wiReady to take your blog to the next level or learn how to
get started? BlogPaws 2013 Registration is in full swing. Join us May 16-18 in
Tyson's Corner, Virginia. BlogPaws is a pet-friendly 3-day life changing
conference! Register for BlogPaws 2013 here.

P.S. You will have access to a variety of “tracks,”
including 101 for Beginners, 201 for Intermediate level, and even a Pro Level
for seasoned bloggers who want to take their blogging and goals to the next
level. An exclusive 4th track will cover a variety of topics from
Law to Lifestyle to Be the Change for Animals.

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